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Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements Reviewed by


Although several small studies suggest apple cider vinegar may be helpful for weight loss or lowering blood sugar levels in some people, larger studies confirming these findings are needed before apple cider vinegar can be relied upon for these uses.

ConsumerLab has purchased and tested popular apple cider vinegars, including those in pill form. The tests revealed many high-quality products, including those judged to be CL's Top Picks, but also some that may contain so much acetic acid as to be considered poison. See the results in the Apple Cider Vinegars (Bottled Liquids and Pills) Review. The Review also explains, in details, the evidence for and against apple cider vinegar, how to use it, potential side effects, and more.

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June 16, 2021

I was diagnosed with Chronic High Blood Sugar, approx. 20 years ago. After taking various Drugs for the Condition that did not {and still do not work} work, my Doctor turned me onto taking {drinking} a daily dose {4 Tbls.} of Apple Cider Vinegar {taken with a Tsp. of Honey, mixed in Water}. I was already on a Low Sugar 'diet', which had a marginal effect. Doing That {taking a daily dose of Bragg's A.C.V.}, lowered my Blood sugar {from 120 to 85}, and it has stayed in that range {approx. 85} ever since I started taking A.C.V. I KNOW it has been /is the A.C.V. that keeps my Blood Sugar Normal, because when I stop taking it {to make sure it is still working in me}, my Blood Sugar Spikes above 100 {no matter what I eat}.
--- 6-16-21---

July 12, 2017

I agree about the saccharine comment. I use Braggs 2t in a glass of water with 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice before meals to help acidify stomach to help break down food.

August 2, 2017

I like Braggs everything. The ACV is good but never tried it with the lemon. I will try it asap

July 10, 2017

why would anyone want to use saccharine in ACV knowing that fake sugar increases blood sugar in the first place.. plus If you are going to have a doze of ACV I would suggest Braggs 2 tsps in a cup of warm water 1/2 hour before you eat a high carb breakfast and again after..

January 22, 2020

"Fake" sugar does not increase blood sugar. Aspartame, Allulose, and Monk Fruit blends have been tested and no increase in blood sugar have been found, I have checked my blood glucose with a meter at one, two, and three hours after consuming those sweeteners with no rise in BG. While certainly artificial sweeteners are not good for you, they've certainly a better choice than sugar. For diabetics, they are especially helpful.

kevin 15278
July 9, 2017

Is apple cider vinegar really good for me?

July 7, 2017

My adult son had quite a few warts on his fingers which all the medical treatments were hardly touching. I told him to soak a tiny bit of cotton with acv and bandaid it on for a night, then in morning redo it. After several days, with a 12 hour break from the acv, he noticed that his wart was dying off. He proceeded to do this with every single wart and after 1 year not one has returned.

I drink approximately 2 tablespoons per day, rinsing my mouth thoroughly after consumption. Less appetite than normal, no reflux. Both positives for me.

July 5, 2017

Regarding apple-cider vinegar:
I took daily doses in the 70"s and found that suddenly, after about 3 months, my teeth began to give me trouble. On several of my molars, the corners broke off. I haven't taken
any apple-cider vinegar since - and yet I still have the occaisonal similar dental problem.
I conclude that the apple-cider vinegar leaches-out the adhesive between the filling and the tooth, leaving the tooth unsupported and then the corners break off. I have a sinilar problem today and am awaiting my dental appt. My advice - stay away from this "remedy".
July 5, 2017

Hi Karl - Thank you for sharing your experience with this; as noted in the answer above, drinking apple cider vinegar has been associated with tooth erosion.

July 5, 2017

Reading about how little we know about the possible positive or negative effects (not to mention unfiltered eels!) of something an innocuous-sounding and common-place as apple cider vinegar makes me wonder.
It makes me wonder if self-experimenting with this and other presumed remedies might not be foolishly tampering with our complicated and poorly understood bodily mechanisms and inner inter-relationships.
Really, we often know so little. Are we helping or harming ourseles, or both, or neither?
Which is exactly why a reputable site such as yours is so sorely needed - and appreciated.
More power to you ConsumerLab.

July 9, 2017

Reading the comments on apple cider vinegar has been very informative. I have used it off and on through the years. Dose of a small teaspoon with water and a bit of honey. I have used Braggs from the Mother apple cider vinegar. I too feel as noted that it has affected my enamel of my teeth.
July 10, 2017

Hi Ethel - Thank you for sharing your experience with this.

July 12, 2017

I take my ACV/water through a straw, and also make sure I brush my teeth within the hour. I believe this will combat the tooth enamel erosion issue.

July 15, 2017

Your teeth are more prone to erosion and abrasion after exposure to acidic items. Rinsing thoroughly with water immediately after exposure is advised. Brushing after this exposure is counterproductive.

May 5, 2019

I've always wondered if vinegar really affected teeth because my father would not let me eat pickles like my friends did when I was a child, he was a DENTIST.

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