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Linda G.8664
May 3, 2016

I once took CLA for several months to assist with weight loss because it was being highly recommended. It was very new at that time. I had a blood test and saw that my good cholesterol (HDL) shot way down about 15 or 20 points; it was always high at about 65. I immediately stopped taking the CLA and the next blood test showed my HDL back to where it always was. Some months later the blogger who recommended CLA for weight loss decided that she could no longer do so. I don't know what her reason was because she didn't say, but for me it was the sharp decrease in HDL. I would be very careful taking this if you have any heart or cholesterol issues.
May 3, 2016

Hi Linda - Thank you for sharing your experience taking CLA; it's true that it can lower HDL cholesterol, although not typically by as much as you experienced -- see the "What It Does" ( and "Cautions and Concerns" ( sections of the CLA Supplements Review.

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