Choosing the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How can I find the best quality extra virgin olive oil?
Choosing the Best Quality Olive Oil -- pouring olive oil into a bowl
Although extra virgin olive oil may improve heart health and have other benefits (partly due to their polyphenol content), there have been reports that some products are "fake" or adulterated with other types of oils. Fortunately, there are certain things you can look for on labels which help indicate a high quality oil, including seals from organizations which test olive oils for authenticity. While authenticity is very important, it is also useful to compare products in terms polyphenols (for potential "healthfulness"), which are not typically not included on labels or part of certification testing. purchased and tested 10 popular extra virgin olive oils, and tested their quality in the laboratory as well as subjecting them to sensory analysis (taste testing) by an expert olive oil tester. The results, which include CL's Top Picks, are found in the Extra Virgin Olive Oils Review.

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Idelle11522   December 25, 2016
I don't see any recent testing of olive oils. you stated tests were going to be conducted on January, 2016. It's now a few days from January, 2017. Please update your customers!!   December 26, 2016
Hi Idelle - The results of our olive oil testing will be published in early 2017. Be sure to check your newsletter, which will let you know when they are published.   January 8, 2017

Art11151   August 13, 2016
The Life Extension Foundation has just released their California Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which they claim has 600 mg/kg of polyphenols. This is about triple the amount in most of the others that have been tested. It would be great if you could test it.

Art Quaife, Ph.D.

JARKKO17042   August 6, 2018
LifeExtension >600mg/kg polyphenols sounds nice, but there are even better ones.

* Ecolibor, Spain. >2000mg/kg polyphenols
* Drop of Life, Greece. >1000mg/kg polyphenols

And there are some other similar products with at least 1000mg/kg at the time of bottling.

Certainly LifeExtension is better than 99.5% of extra virgin olive oils, I am sure! So much low-quality olive oil in the market.   August 6, 2018
Be aware that these products would be expected to be very bitter relative to most other olive oils, and may not be palatable for some uses -- like eating bread soaked in olive oil.

JARKKO17062   August 9, 2018
Life Extension has improved the product. It used to contain >600mg/kg. I have not tasted the old or new product.
"Our olive oil provides over 800 mg/kg of naturally occurring olive polyphenols".
"Best if used within 24 months from harvest date".

I have no idea what happens to polyphenols after for example 6, 12, 18 or 24 months of storage. Might depend on storage temperature.

joy8481   February 24, 2016
Please test BRAGG organic unrefined-unfiltered extra virgin olive oil -first cold pressed imported from Greece. Thanks

John16556   March 11, 2018
Please test Bragg olive oil and all other Bragg products   March 12, 2018
Thank you for your suggestion, John, we will keep it in mind. You can see the results of our tests of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar in our Apple Cider Vinegar Review:

Clifford8480   February 24, 2016
Could you please test Seka Hills Premium Extra Virgin California Olive Oil. Olive Pit Manzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Anything from Lucero Olive Oil in Corning California. Thanks.

Jacqueline8475   February 23, 2016
Central Market Olive Oil from HEB

eve8448   February 16, 2016
can you please test "swanson" certified organic extra virgin olive oil cold pressed. it has a wonderful taste. thanks.

Debbie8398   January 23, 2016
Could you please test the following:
Maison Orphee
Saint Spiridon
Emile Noel
Terra Delyssa
Thanks so much.

Louisa 8396   January 23, 2016
And Please test California Olive Ranch everyday variety - thanks for doing what you do!!

Louisa 8393   January 23, 2016
Please test Apollo organic Sierra - rated very high by UC Davis

Kathleen8392   January 22, 2016
Please test Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil aavailable online. Thank you.

KRISTEN8385   January 21, 2016
Please test Carlini Olive Oil, available at Aldi.

Christina8397   January 23, 2016
Yes, please test the Carlini brand from Aldi's. Thank you.

Karen8380   January 20, 2016
Can you please test Abruzzo which is enriched in olive oil. This is the oil my cooking instructor recommends.

Manoj8379   January 20, 2016
Please test the private labelled Olive Oil sold in BJ's, Sams Club and Costco, like Costco's Kirkland, BJ's Berkely & Jenson (spelling ??), Sams Club's (Chef.. someting).

Thank you.

Joseph8375   January 20, 2016
Sprouts Farmers Market has an "Organic Imported Extra Virgin" Olive Oil with their label. Could you please add it to your test.

Perry8364   January 15, 2016
Please test COSTCO''s Kirkland Organic olive oil, both Greek and Spanish.

Thank you!

Kerin8363   January 15, 2016
Please Test - Lucini Premium Select Extra Virgin and Thessaly Organic Olive Oil (Greece) - Thank You

Cynthia8360   January 15, 2016
Please test California Olive Ranch, their " For Everyday " not only their " Special Reserve" as I can find this at my local supermarkets and even Walmart. Please also test some of the Trader Joe offerings. I have seen three of their oils mentioned as authentic on the Truth in Olive Oil website based on trained taste testing: TJ Premium 100% Greek Kalamata EVOO , TJ Premium EVOO, and TJ California Estate EVOO. I would like to know what Consumer Lab finds. I live nearly 2 hours from the closest Trader Joe's but stock up on the Greek Kalamata, my favorite, whenever I can, and I am sure many of your readers may have easy access to this store.

Glynda8353   January 13, 2016
Please test "Ava Janes Kitchen" olive oil. Their claims of being authentic are either fantastic or the best/worst scheme ever.

Glynda8352   January 13, 2016
Please please test Bariani olive oil !!!

anna8348   January 12, 2016
Please check all the ones that the ordinary public buy at stores--Von's, Staters, Albersons, Winco, Food for Less, etc. Also oil from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Bristol Farms, Wild Oats, B.J's.

Wm8356   January 13, 2016
I would be interested In California produced virgin oil sold at Trader Joe's.

Anne8346   January 12, 2016
Please test Partanna brand (Asaro Partanna) extra virgin olive oil from Sicily, Italy.

Sandra8345   January 12, 2016
Please test Newmans Own organic extra virgin olive oil and 365. Thanks!

Integral Yoga8344   January 12, 2016
Please test the Colavita Organic extra-virgin olive oil.

jean8343   January 12, 2016
I just read an article showing that whole foods did not pass. Please test.

Dennis8340   January 12, 2016
Could you test Appollo brand olive oil?

PJ8339   January 12, 2016
Please include in the test list Whole Foods' brand - 365 oils. Thanks.

Susan8341   January 12, 2016
I agree, please test the Whole Foods brand

Ellen 8338   January 12, 2016
Please test Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil as it is very popular in the Hispanic community. Thanks.

Michael8334   January 12, 2016
Please test;
*Imported "SPECTRUM" 'Organic' E.V. Mediterranean
"ORGANICS" E.V. Imported from Italy, Distributed by Lucern, (Safeway brand).

Susan8372   January 18, 2016
I would also like spectrum organic tested.

Lisa8328   January 11, 2016
Test any of the EVOO types from Trader Joe's. Thanks.

Susan8342   January 12, 2016
I agree, please test the Trader Joes brand!

Joan8327   January 11, 2016
please test:
Newman's Own - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - First Cold Pressed (product of Tunisia)

Vital Choice - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Spain - Spanish Picual Olives

Thanks very much, Joan

Christine 8326   January 11, 2016
Please test the Trader Joes olive oils

Ann8325   January 11, 2016
Looking forward to the results on EVOO. Hope you will please test for rancidity also.

Marc8324   January 11, 2016
Request a sampling of the California Olive Ranch product line - Everyday, Rich & Robust, Arbequina, Arbosana, Miller's Blend, and Limited Reserve. Also agree with Andrew that Kirkland Organic would be helpful.

Pauline8323   January 11, 2016
Test Colavita extra virgin Olive Oil first cold pressed premium selection

Joan8322   January 11, 2016
Please test Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Willam8321   January 11, 2016
Please test California Estate Olive Oil(extra virgin) sold by Trader Joe's.
Thank you,

Harry8320   January 11, 2016
Please test Pompeian imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil

cherifa 8318   January 11, 2016
please test the Costco olive oil

Kathy8317   January 11, 2016
please test California Olive Ranch for Everyday meals

Julia8316   January 10, 2016
Test Veronica Foods Olive Oils (sold at many independent Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar boutiques in North America, and yes, I work at one such store) They belong to a program of UP Certification, and list harvest dates, country of origin as well as full analysis of polyphenol counts, Oliec Acid, etc. Their oils should pass all tests.

dave8314   January 10, 2016
i always buy my olive oil in 3 liter cans. is there any difference? but i would think with no light getting in,that would prolong its shelf life and its integrity.

Mark8313   January 10, 2016
Please test California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A friend of mine who survived pancreatic cancer, regularly goes to a cancer support group at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, GA. She said the Nurtritionists associated with the Hospital Cancer Support Group recommend this olive oil. I have no financial interest in this product.

Terry8312   January 10, 2016
Can you test the Cora brand. It is in NYS

catherine8311   January 10, 2016
test Sam's Brand - Daily Chef

Ann8376   January 20, 2016
Yes, please test Daily Chef Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a Sams Club product and a good price.

Jacquelyn8310   January 10, 2016
Please test Carlini 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil sold at Aldi's

Susan8373   January 18, 2016
I would also like this product tested.

Karen8309   January 10, 2016
Please test Trader Joe's Tunisian Organic Extra Virgin unfiltered Chetoui Olive Oil.

Guy8308   January 10, 2016
Test the Kroger and Publix brands...

Robert8307   January 10, 2016
Hard to believe that Costco brand EVOO (organic and regular) was not tested since they are one of the largest single source of volume sales.   January 11, 2016
Hi Robert - The Kirkland Organic mentioned in the answer is a Costco brand; we've now noted this above to be more clear.

Art8306   January 10, 2016
Please test California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Elizabeth 8305   January 10, 2016
Please test a couple of the Veronica Food EVOOs. Stores that sell their oils and vinegars are popping up everywhere - their own website says they supply over 700 such stores. I received 3 bottles of oil from their stores as gifts over the holidays, and gave a couple as well. The medium-sized city where I live has at least two stores sourced by Veronica. Thanks.

Linda8303   January 10, 2016
Test products carried by Trader Joes

Evelyn8302   January 10, 2016
can you test trader joes 100% Organic extra virgin olive oil ...

Robert8301   January 10, 2016
Walmart has the Bertolli marked down for $5.98

Donna8300   January 10, 2016
just wondering if anyone saw the 60 minutes segment on olive oil?

David8330   January 11, 2016
we watched the original segment + the follow-up

Robert8299   January 10, 2016
Please endeavor to test widely available store branded EVOOs, e.g., more of those from Whole Foods, Traders Joe's (several varieties),and yes, Costco. But also look for and test the direct import brands found in your larger Greek, Middle Eastern or other Mediterraneans specialty grocery stores. Some EVOO brands I've seen include Greek Diamond, Iliada, Kalamata, Liohori, Lucini, San Giuliano, Sultan, Ybarra and Zoe, -just to mention a few. I look forward to your testing results!

Ann8642   April 19, 2016
Yes, please do include Zoe, which got favorable mention in the food section of the New York Times a while ago. Would like to know if the quality is as before; it comes in cans which I agree with one of the comments here, seems as though would shield the oil from degradation by light.

Harold8298   January 10, 2016
Please test the Columela brand of extra virgin olive oil (from Spain).

Reade8297   January 10, 2016
Test Colavita Extra Virgin. (Certified "authentic" refers to being Italian.) (And "Certified by "Quality Management System")

Doug8296   January 10, 2016
Please test California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Thanks

Patricia8294   January 10, 2016
Yes, please test the Costco Kirkland brand!

Louisa 8293   January 10, 2016
Please test the 100% california 365 brand from Whole Foods. It is unfiltered and has the NOOA designation and is extra virgin.


David8291   January 10, 2016
We've been buying California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for some time. It appears to be of good quality and, HUZZA!, it comes from the good old USA. I'd love to know what you think of it. BTW - it is bottled in dark glass.

Colette 8289   January 10, 2016
Please test LUCERO olive oils, I use them all the time.

jared8288   January 10, 2016
I buy at this place and they list their polyphenols and it is way above what you tested.

Their Sierra Organic
[Certified Extra Virgin and Certified Organic | Free Fatty Acid: 0.15% |
668 mg/Kg polyphenols + 304 mg/Kg tocopherols = 972 mg/Kg total antioxidants]

Mistral Organic
[Certified Extra Virgin and Certified Organic | Free Fatty Acid: 0.20% |
592 mg/Kg polyphenols + 245 mg/Kg tocopherols = 837 mg/Kg total antioxidants]

joanna8287   January 10, 2016
I would like to see Trader Joe's Olive Oil on the list

Judy8286   January 10, 2016
Test World Market cold processed extra virgin olive oil..Mediterranean Blend

Sue8285   January 10, 2016
Please test trader Joe's brand.

Andrew8283   January 10, 2016
test the Costco brand: Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Alton8290   January 10, 2016
Test the Sam's Club private labels DAILY CHEF

Arnold8304   January 10, 2016
I agree with Andrew8283 - Please test Kirkland's Organic EVOO. Thank You.

Kenneth8329   January 11, 2016

Richard8331   January 11, 2016
Maybe you already know this, but the Kirkland Organic was the only one out of the fourteen imported olive oil brands UC tested where all three samples passed. I don't know if I'm supposed to include links here, but you can see this at . I do not have a financial interest in the product (in fact, I can't even buy it because I'm not a Costco member).

Louisa 8382   January 20, 2016
I hope you will evaluate the packaging material - glass vs. plastic. The kirkland brands I have seen are all in plastic bottles - not my first choice for products I purchase.   January 21, 2016
Thank you for your suggestion Louisa. You may be interested in the link provided under the section "Choose an oil that includes a harvest date and is packaged in dark glass" in the answer above. It provides a comparison of glass, plastic, and other types of packaging for olive oil.

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  • If you make a statement of fact, such as whether a type of treatment does or does not work, state your basis -- such as personal experience or a published study.
  • If you make a positive or negative comment about a product, note whether or not you have a financial interest in the product or in a competing product.
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