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1.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Potassium Supplements Review *
2.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Calcium Supplements Review *
3.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Magnesium Supplements Review (Including Calcium, Vitamins D & K, and Boron) *
4.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Protein Powders, Shakes, and Drinks Review *
5.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in B Vitamin Supplements Review (B Complexes, B6, B12, Biotin, Folate, Niacin, Riboflavin & More)  *
6.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Vitamin C Supplements Review *
7.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Vitamin D Supplements Review (Including Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium, and Boron) *
8.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Turmeric and Curcumin Supplements and Spices Review *
9.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Green Tea Review: Supplements, Brewable, Matcha, and Bottled *
10.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in CoQ10 and Ubiquinol Supplements Review *
11.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Plant-Based Milks (Almond, Cashew, Coconut, Flax, Hemp, Macademia, Oat, Pea, and Soy) *
12.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Red Yeast Rice Supplements Review *
13.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Choline Supplements Review (Including Phosphatidylcholine, CDP-Choline, and Alpha-GPC)  *
14.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Lysine Supplements Review *
15.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review *
16.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Boron Supplements Review (Including Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamins D & K) *
17.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Muscle & Workout Supplements Review (Creatine and Branched-chain Amino Acids)  *
18.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Oat Cereals Review *
19.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Quercetin Supplements Review *
20.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Weight Loss Supplements Review (7-Keto DHEA, Forskolin and Stimulant Blend Supplements) *
21.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Greens and Whole Food Powders and Capsules *
22.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Dark Chocolates, Cocoa & Cacao Powders, Nibs, and Supplements Review -- Sources of Flavanols
23.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Coconut Waters Review
24.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Low-Dose Lithium Supplements Review
25.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Aloe Liquids, Gels, and Supplements Review *
26.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Cinnamon Supplements and Spices Review *
27.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in L-Arginine Supplements Review *
28.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in L-Tryptophan and 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) Supplements *
29.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Inactive Ingredients / Excipients in Supplements *
30.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Noni Juice Review Article *
31.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Baobab Dried Fruit Pulp Review Article *
32.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Collagen Supplements Review *
33.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Elderberry Supplements Review *
34.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Selenium Supplements Review *
35.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Tuna, Salmon & Sardines Review (Canned and Packaged) *
36.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Vitamin K Supplements Review (Including Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium & Boron) *
37.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Acai Berry Supplements and Beverages Review *
38.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Ashwagandha Supplements Review *
39.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Astaxanthin Supplements Review *
40.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Berberine and Goldenseal Supplements Review *
41.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Bilberry Supplements Review *
42.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Black Currant Oil, Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and Hemp Oil Supplements Review: Sources of ALA and GLA (Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids)  *
43.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Bone Broth Review *
44.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements Review (Sterols/Stanols and Policosanol)  *
45.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Chromium Supplements Review *
46.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Supplements Review (for Slimming) *
47.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in DHEA Supplements Review *
48.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Digestive Enzyme Supplements Review *
49.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Echinacea Supplements Review *
50.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Ginger Supplements & Ales Review *
51.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Kelp Supplements Review *
52.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Meal Replacement & Weight Management Powders and Shakes Review *
53.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Melatonin Supplements Review *
54.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) Supplements Review *
55.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Recommended Daily Intakes and Upper Limits for Vitamins and Minerals |
56.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Resveratrol Supplements Review (Grape, Red Wine, and Polygonum Sources)  *
57.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in St. John's Wort Supplements Review *
58.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Valerian Supplements Review *
59.Kidney and Bladder Support supplements in Fish Oil and Omega-3 and -7 Supplements Review (Including Krill, Algae, Calamari, and Sea Buckthorn) *

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1.I was surprised when my doctor told me to stop taking supplements because my kidney function was low. But after stopping the supplements, my kidney function returned to normal. Can taking a lot of supplements really damage the kidneys? 
2.Can coconut water prevent or dissolve kidney stones? 
3.After developing kidney stones, I was told to avoid tea -- but recently I've heard that green tea might actually be helpful for kidney stones. Is that true? 
4.Can taking certain forms of potassium, such as potassium citrate, reduce my chances of getting kidney stones? I've read a study that says it can, but it's unclear how much I should take. 
5.Is it true that protein can strain the kidneys as you get older? 
6.Can lemon juice, lemonade, or other juices reduce my chances of getting kidney stones?  
7.I'm a middle-aged healthy woman who gets occasional urinary tract infections. I heard that cranberry juice or cranberry supplements can help prevent the condition. Is this true?
8.Do turmeric and curcumin supplements contain significant amounts of oxalates? Can this increase my risk of kidney stones? 
9.Is it safe to take curcumin or turmeric supplements for a long period of time?
10.What are the benefits of grape seed extract?
11.Can white kidney bean extract really help me lose weight? 
12.Can cocoa and chocolate cause kidney stones? 
13.I've been taking a Daily Advantage multi but am now concerned by the very high % DV for vitamin C (833% DV), niacin (325% DV), and B vitamins (over 1,000% DV for several). The company tells me this formula is based on clinical experience and the scientific literature. What do you think?
14.I've read that fish oil supplements may help with gout, but I've also been told to avoid oily fish because it can increase my uric acid levels. Are fish oil supplements safe for me to take and do they really help with gout?
15.What is Pycnogenol and does it work?
16.Are plant-based calcium supplements, like AlgaeCal, better than regular calcium supplements?
17.Can beetroot juice or supplements help lower my blood pressure?
18.Can vitamin C from a supplement cause blood in the urine and painful urination?
19.Does taking one slow-release calcium tablet of 600 mg (such as Citracal) per day pose a risk for heart disease? 
20.Is MitoQ a better form of CoQ10? 
21.What are the health benefits of dark chocolate?
22.Are red yeast rice supplements legally permitted to contain statins, like lovastatin, since these are drugs?
23.I asked the distributor of my cacao powder how it checks for metals. They say they do "foreign material detection" to capture "metal fragments." Is this adequate for checking cacao and cocoa for heavy metals, like cadmium, which you've found in other products?
24.It is okay to add milk to green tea?  
25.My doctor warned me that red yeast rice can cause liver damage - is that true?
26.How much magnesium from supplements is too much? 
27.What are the side effects of magnesium supplements?  
28.Does Prevagen really improve memory?
29.Is it true that oat cereals, like Cheerios, oatmeal, oatflakes and steel-cut oats can be contaminated with a toxin? 
30.What are the health benefits of bone broth, and which bone broth is the best?
31.Can taking too much vitamin B-12 be dangerous? The label on my B-complex states it contains 50,000% of the Daily Value!  
32.Are lithium orotate supplements as effective and safe as prescription lithium for bipolar disease and depression? 
33.Are there side effects from collagen supplements? 
34.Do vitamin patches, such as for B12 or multivitamins, really work? How about those from PatchMD?  
35.How are you staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic?
36.Does Restore (Bionic Sciences LLC) really improve gut health? What is in Restore? 
37.Can supplements help me lose weight? 
38.Is it safer to get calcium from foods than from supplements? How about from calcium-fortified orange juice and non-dairy milks? 
39.How much calcium from supplements is too much? 
40.I take 1000 mg of a high-absorption curcumin extract. It seems to be working, but would it be safe to take a larger dose? 
41.The maker of my multivitamin says it doesn't include folic acid because too much from supplements can be harmful. Is that true? 
42.What are the side effects of curcumin and turmeric? 
43.What are the side effects of red yeast rice? 
44.Can psyllium help control hunger and appetite? 
45.Can taking too much vitamin B-6 be dangerous? The label on my multivitamin states it contains 2000% of the Daily Value!  
46.Can vitamins or other supplements cause a change in the ability to taste, or even a loss of taste? 
47.Do any supplements help for restless legs syndrome? 
48.Is it possible to take too much vitamin C? 
49.Is it true that calcium citrate increases the absorption of aluminum? 
50.I thought the B vitamins were all water soluble and did not build up in the body, so you would not build up toxic levels. Am I wrong? 
51.Is Hershey's Special Dark better than other dark chocolate bars or cocoa powders? 
52.Is kratom too dangerous to use? 
53.What B-vitamin complex do you recommend for older people? 
54.Are cranberry supplements helpful for men? Can they help with symptoms of an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, or urinary tract infections?  
55.Can prenatal vitamins have too much folic acid? Mine has 800 mcg, but isn't that more than what's recommended? Is this dangerous to me or my baby? 
56.Do any supplements help prevent or treat osteoporosis? 
57.Do diamine oxidase (DAO) supplements for histamine intolerance really work? 
58.Does AZO Bladder Control really work for overactive bladder?  
59.I read that famotidine (Pepcid) may help treat COVID-19. Is this true? Are there risks with taking famotidine? 
60.I've heard that soaking dried beans for 24 hours reduces the phytate level, allowing for greater access to nutrients. Is this true? 
61.Is it better to get vitamins from foods or supplements, and are natural vitamins better than synthetic vitamins? 
62.Is it true that there are bits of plastic in drinking water and specialty salts? How concerned should I be? 
63.Is Rhodiola rosea effective for depression and does it have other uses? Will be testing these supplements? 
64.What is Noopept? Can it really improve memory and cognition, and is it safe?  
65.What is shilajit? Does it have any proven health benefits, and is heavy metal contamination a concern? 
66.Which supplements can help to lower blood pressure? 
67.Which supplements reduce the risk of stroke? Which increase the risk of stroke? 
68.Does Oral-B Glide or other dental floss contain toxic chemicals called PFAS? Are there PFAS-free alternatives? 
69.What is vitamin B12 and how much do I need? 

Clinical Updates Found:
2020 05/12/2020Low-Cal Orange Juice For Kidney Stones?
2019 12/03/2019Vitamin C and Kidney Damage
 04/09/2019Vitamin D & Kidney Failure
 02/19/2019Kidney Stones Due to Supplement?
2018 12/09/2018Vitamin C and Kidney Damage
 09/11/2018High-Dose Vitamin D Risk
2017 12/04/2017What NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)
 02/04/2017Caution: Turmeric Drug Interaction
2015 10/14/2015Calcium Supplements Increase Kidney Stone Growth
2014 06/20/2014Too Much Calcium for Some?
2011 07/20/2011Kidney Stones Linked to Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation

Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.51 CBD Products Recalled Due to Lead Contamination (07/21/2020)
2.CBD Oil Recalled, Risk of High Lead Exposure (05/16/2020)
3.Cognitive Enhancement Supplements Contain Unapproved Drug (11/26/2019)
4.Advocare to Pay $150 Million to Settle Charges of Operating a Pyramid Scheme (10/05/2019)
5.Lead and Arsenic Found in Multi Mineral & Vitamin Supplement (10/01/2019)
6.High Levels of Lead Found in Chinese Herbal Supplements (05/04/2019)
7.FDA Warns Seller of Reishi, Joint Supplements, Ginseng & More for Pesticides, Other Violations (03/30/2019)
8.Seller of 5-HTP, Potassium & More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (12/01/2018)
9.Pharmaceutical Drugs Found In Dietary Supplements Pose Danger to Consumers (10/13/2018)
10.FDA Warns Seller of Joint Health and Cholesterol Supplements (07/31/2018)
11.FDA Warns Seller of "Aromatase Inhibitor" Supplement (05/29/2018)
12.FTC Sends Refund Checks to Consumers of Unproven Weight-Loss Products (03/16/2018)
13.Seller of Meal Replacement, Protein Drinks, Cranberry and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (12/23/2017)
14.Health Canada Calls for Stronger Warnings of Liver Risk on Green Tea Extract Products (11/21/2017)
15.FDA Warns Seller of Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Diabetes Supplements For Making Drug Claims (10/18/2017)
16.Children's Ayurvedic Medicine Formula Contains High Levels of Lead (08/05/2017)
17.More Bodybuilding Supplements Recalled (07/12/2017)
18.Bodybuilding Supplements Containing Steroid-Like Substances Recalled (07/10/2017)
19.Beware of Bodybuilding Supplements, FDA Warns (06/20/2017)
20.Seller of Vitamin C, Calcium, Mushroom Supplements and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (05/30/2017)
21.Yogurt Peanut Crunch Bars Recalled Due to E. Coli Risk (03/28/2017)
22.Seller of Chinese Herbal Products for Prostate, Menopause and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (02/07/2017)
23.FDA Warns Four Sexual Enhancement Supplements Contain Prescription Drug (02/04/2017)
24.Bentonite Clay Promoted for "Detoxification" Contaminated With Lead (11/29/2016)
25.Chinese Herbal Supplement With Lead Contamination Recalled (11/08/2016)
26.Turmeric Spice Recalled Due to Elevated Lead Levels (10/04/2016)
27.Recall of Dangerous Chinese Herbal Supplement Expanded (08/31/2016)
28.Chinese Herbal Supplement Recalled Due to Lead Contamination (08/16/2016)
29.Turmeric Spice Recall Expanded to Include More Brands (08/08/2016)
30.More Turmeric Spice Recalled (08/05/2016)
31.Ground Turmeric Spice Recalled Due to Lead Contamination (07/29/2016)
32.Garcinia, Green Coffee Marketers Pay $43 Million to Settle Charges of False Weight Loss Claims (02/05/2016)
33.Maker of Vitamin K, Vitamin A & More Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (12/29/2015)
34.Multivitamins Recalled Due to Risk of Vitamin D Toxicity (12/01/2015)
35.Weight Supplements Found to Contain Antidepressant and Other Prescription Drugs (12/01/2015)
36.Herbal Supplements Linked to Heavy Metal Poisoning (11/28/2015)
37.Seller of "NaturalDoctor" Vitamin C, Echinacea and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (11/07/2015)
38.High Levels of Mercury and Lead Found in Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements (09/18/2015)
39.Soylent Meal Replacement Powder Reported to Contain Lead and Cadmium (08/19/2015)
40.Marketers Charged with Using Stolen Email Accounts to Promote Weight Loss Supplements Temporarily Shut Down (05/09/2015)
41.Joint Pain Supplements Found to Contain Diuretics, Antihistamines and Other Undeclared Drugs (05/06/2015)
42.Herbal Laxative and "Detox" Kit Containing High Levels of Lead and/or Arsenic Recalled in Canada (04/17/2015)
43.Seller of Antioxidant Water, Energy Drops Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (02/24/2015)
44.Seller of Noni Juice Products Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (07/24/2014)
45.Sellers of "Cancer" Supplements Warned for Drug Claims (05/31/2014)
46.Maker of Mood, Smoking Cessation Supplements and More Warned for Violations, Drug Claims (05/14/2014)
47.Maker of Herbal Capsules and Extracts Warned for Manufacturing Violations (03/19/2014)
48.Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Multimineral Supplements Recalled Due To Anabolic Steroid Risk (08/02/2013)
49.B Vitamin Supplement Found To Contain Anabolic Steroids (07/28/2013)
50.Herbal Supplement Company Warned For Drug Claims, Manufacturing Violations (07/12/2013)
51.Seller of Sexual Enhancement, Cholesterol, Resveratrol Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims (05/23/2013)
52.Prescription Drugs Found In Prostate and Sexual Enhancement Supplements (03/29/2013)
53.Excessive Lead and Mercury Found In Chinese Herbal Supplements (01/24/2013)
54.Recall: Iron Supplement Containing Motion Sickness Drug (01/18/2013)
55.FDA Seizes Many Supplements from New York Company Due To Drug Claims (10/24/2012)
56.Maker of Noni, Nopal, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Supplements Warned For Drug Claims, Misbranding, and Manufacturing Violations (09/18/2012)
57.Supplement Company Warned For Medical Claims and Misbranding Of Omega-3, CoQ10, Noni Juice And More (08/30/2012)
58.FDA Warning on Supplement for Pain Relief (06/04/2012)
59.Herbal Extract Company Warned by FDA of Making Drug Claims (01/11/2012)
60.FDA Warns ION Labs of Manufacturing Violations Affecting Multiple Dietary Supplements (01/02/2012)
61.Possible Concern with Fenugreek Based on Contamination in Europe (09/09/2011)
62.Dangerously High Levels of Vitamins A and D in Product Prompt FDA Warning (03/28/2011)
63.Many Supplements Recalled for Hormone-Affecting Compounds (09/20/2010)
64.Recall of Testosterone-Boosting Supplement (09/15/2010)
65.ExtenZe Enhancement Supplements Seized in Canada (09/13/2010)
66.FDA Warns Parents to Be Careful Giving Vitamin D Drops to Infants (06/21/2010)
67.Vitamin D Overload in Supplement Sickens Users (04/29/2010)
68.FDA Warns Against Body Building Supplements with Steroid-like Compounds (07/29/2009)
69.FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut -- Product Being Tested by (05/01/2009)
70.Twelve Dietary Herbal Supplements Recalled -- Possible Health Risk Associated with Ephedra, Aristolochic Acid and Human Placenta (04/11/2008)
71.FDA Warning on Red Yeast Rice Products (08/09/2007)
72.Health Canada Warns Consumers Not to Take Chaparral (12/22/2005)
73.Two Makers of Weight Loss and Sex Enhancement Supplements Stopped From Making Unsubstantiated Claims (08/31/2004)
74.FDA Warns Public About Chinese Diet Pills Containing Fenfluramine (08/15/2002)

News Releases Found:
2020 04/28/2020Best and Worst Multivitamins Revealed by ConsumerLab -- Problems Found With 44% of Multis Tested
2019 04/25/2019Best Coconut Water? ConsumerLab Tests Popular Products, Reveals Top Pick
2018 08/24/2018Few Red Yeast Rice Supplements Provide Enough Cholesterol-Lowering Compounds to Likely Be Effective, ConsumerLab Tests Reveal
2017 07/19/2017New Tests Reveal Whether Dark Chocolates and Cocoas Are Toxic or Healthful
 05/26/ Tests Reveal the Best Calcium Supplements
 03/15/ Reveals Best and Worst Vitamin C Supplements -- 20% Fail Tests of Quality
2014 11/25/2014You Can't Judge a Dark Chocolate Bar by Its Label, According to Tests by -- Amounts of Cocoa Flavanols Vary Widely Among Popular Brands of Chocolate
 08/20/2014Some Red Yeast Rice Supplements Up to 500X Stronger Than Others -- Popular Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements Tested and Compared
 07/07/2014Which Weight Loss Supplements Are Best? Reviews the Evidence and Tests the Quality of Popular Products
 05/21/2014Your Cocoa May Be Contaminated! Reveals What’s Really in Cocoa and Chocolate Products
 02/13/2014Calcium, Vitamin C, and Fish Oil Supplements Drop in Use, Probiotics Rise According to Survey
 01/29/2014You May Be Getting More Vitamin C Than You Think from Some Supplements, Cautions -- 27% of Vitamin C Supplements Don't Meet Label Claims in Recent Tests --
2010 04/14/ reports most St. John's wort supplements fail quality tests -- An effective antidepressant herb but heavy metal contamination and low potency are concerns
2006 03/13/ reports on supplements for bone health containing calcium and vitamin D— Results posted for 32 supplements for adults and children; One found contaminated with lead
2000 08/07/ finds that not all creatine supplements meet label claims; Popular sports supplement test results released online


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