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1.Bone health supplements in Vitamin D Supplements Review (Including Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium)
2.Bone health supplements in Calcium Supplements Review *
3.Bone health supplements in Bone Broth Review *
4.Bone health supplements in Vitamin K Supplements Review (Including Calcium and Vitamin D)
5.Bone health supplements in Magnesium and Calcium-Magnesium Supplements Review *
6.Bone health supplements in Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review *

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6.Menopausal Symptoms (Other Than Osteoporosis)
7.Vitamin K
8.Eating Disorders
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1.If vitamin K absorption appears to be reduced by other fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin D, why do some "bone health" supplements combine them? Should they be taken separately? 
2.Do any supplements help prevent or treat osteoporosis? 
3.I'm considering taking vitamin K for my bones, but I take blood thinner (anti-coagulant) medication. Is there a problem taking both? 
4.Are plant-based calcium supplements, like AlgaeCal, better than regular calcium supplements? 
5.What is BioSil? Can it really increase collagen production and strengthen hair, skin, nails and bones? 

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2017 05/24/2017Stroke Risk with Calcium

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1.FDA Warns Seller of Shilajit (09/19/2018)
2.Seller of Curcumin, Garcinia, Glucosamine and More Warned for Manufacturing Violations (09/19/2018)
3.FDA Warns Seller of Joint Health and Cholesterol Supplements (07/31/2018)
4.Seller of "BounceBack" Joint Supplement and Others Products Warned for Drug Claims (11/25/2017)
5.FDA Warns Seller of Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Diabetes Supplements For Making Drug Claims (10/18/2017)
6.FDA Warns Seller of Supplements for Allergies, Joint Pain, Bone Health, and More (08/29/2017)
7.Serious Cardiovascular Risks Associated with Strontium, Health Canada Warns (10/27/2015)
8.Maker of Liquid Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (03/15/2013)
9.FDA Finds Manufacturing Violations At NSF-Certified Supplement Facility (03/02/2013)
10.FDA Seizes Many Supplements from New York Company Due To Drug Claims (10/24/2012)
11.Maker of Omega-3, Bone and Brain and Supplements Warned For Drug Claims (09/10/2012)
12.Standard Process Recalls Three Supplements Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination (07/03/2012)

News Releases Found:
2017 05/26/ Tests Reveal the Best Calcium Supplements
2015 04/28/2015Best Supplements for Bone Health? Finds Products with Multiple Ingredients More Likely to Contain Wrong Amounts
2011 04/26/2011Problems discovered with eight vitamin D supplements in study by -- Incorrect amounts of vitamins, lead contamination, and labeling infractions identified.
2009 03/10/ reports deficiencies in some supplements containing calcium, vitamin D, or vitamin K -- Focus on bone health supplements and new uses for vitamins D and K
2008 12/09/2008Tests of zinc supplements by show only some provide dosage proven to shorten colds, reduce eye disease.  Lead contamination found in one product.
 11/18/2008Adulteration Suspected with Some "Memory" Supplements -- Few Ginkgo and Huperzine Supplements Pass Tests; Quality High for Acetyl-L-Carnitine
 10/28/2008Tests reveal quality problems with vitamin A supplements -- New report focuses on vitamin A, including beta-carotene and cod liver oil
 10/02/ finds melatonin supplements range in strength but ingredient quality is high
2007 03/06/ produces series of free online seminars about dietary supplements — First seminar on "joint health" now available
2006 03/13/ reports on supplements for bone health containing calcium and vitamin D— Results posted for 32 supplements for adults and children; One found contaminated with lead


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