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White Plains, New York, September 19, 2015 — Can prostate supplements with ingredients such as saw palmetto or beta-sitosterol improve symptoms of an enlarged prostate, a condition affecting more than half of men over age 60? And, if so, which supplements are properly made and labeled and deliver an appropriate dose? To answer these questions, researchers at reviewed the clinical evidence and tested popular prostate supplements.

While saw palmetto is a popular ingredient for prostate health, recent studies have failed to show any benefit over placebo. There is better evidence for the lesser-known beta-sitosterol, a compound found in saw palmetto and other plants. Most, but not all studies, have found that beta-sitosterol can significantly improve perceived symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and urine rate flow. was able to identify several products which provide clinically-relevant amounts of beta-sitosterol. Results were not as favorable for saw palmetto supplements: found that some did not contain the amount of saw palmetto claimed on the label, or provided doses smaller than those typically suggested in early studies. Two products were also found to violate FDA labeling regulations.

Beta-sitosterol and saw palmetto are generally well tolerated; however, men should consult their healthcare provider before using these supplements, as symptoms of enlarged prostate may signal more serious conditions that require prompt medical treatment.

The test results and quality ratings appear online in's new Prostate Supplements (Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol Review. The report covers nine products selected by, and five others which passed the same tests in's voluntary Quality Certification Program. Also included are two products similar to one which passed testing but which are sold under different brand names. The following products are included in the report: Botanic Choice Beta Sitosterol Plus, Dr. David Williams Healthy Prostate, Gaia Herbs Saw Palmetto Berry, Life Extension Ultra Natural Prostrate, Nature's Bounty Saw Palmetto Complex, New Chapter Prostate 5 LX, NOW Prostate Health, Prostanew, Prostavar RX, Pure Encapsulations Beta-sitosterol, Puritan's Pride Prosta-Metto, Rexall Saw Palmetto, Source Naturals Mega Strength Beta Sitosterol, Spring Valley [Walmart] Saw Palmetto, Vitacost Saw Palmetto and Vitamin World Prosta-Metto.

The report also discusses the evidence for saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol as well as doses used in clinical studies or recommended by experts. Information about safety, side-effects and potential drug-interactions is also presented.

Founded in 1999, is a leading provider of consumer information and independent evaluations of products that affect health and nutrition. Membership to is available online and provides immediate access to reviews of more than 1,000 products from over 400 brands. The company is privately held and based in Westchester, New York. It has no ownership from, or interest in, companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell consumer products.

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