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Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Nibs, Extracts & Supplements Review -- Sources of Flavanols

Learn what to look for when trying to find the best cocoa powder, dark chocolate, cacao nibs, and cocoa supplements. Review evidence for cardiovascular health, memory, blood sugar and wrinkles, plus amounts of flavanols, lead, cadmium, caffeine and theobromine found in popular brands. Find out which ones passed our tests and why.

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1.What is the difference between cocoa and cacao? Is one better than the other?
2.Why is there so much cadmium, a toxin, in cocoa powders but not in dark chocolate?
3.What are the health benefits of dark chocolate?
4.Is Hershey's Special Dark better than other dark chocolate bars or cocoa powders?
5.How much dark chocolate equals a tablespoon of cocoa powder?
6.Are cocoa and chocolate products contaminated with the fungal toxin ochratoxin A?
7.I heard somewhere to avoid chocolate with "processed with alkali" in the ingredients. Is that true?
8.I asked the distributor of my cacao powder how it checks for metals. They say they do "foreign material detection" to capture "metal fragments." Is this adequate for checking cacao and cocoa for heavy metals, like cadmium, which you've found in other products?
9.Is the theobromine in chocolate and cocoa good or bad for me?
10.Which dark chocolate bar has the most flavanols with the least calories?
11.Can chocolate and cocoa powder cause eczema?
12.Does chocolate really cause migraines?
13.How much cocoa or chocolate do I need to consume in order to get a benefit?
14.How much fat is there in chocolate? Is it saturated fat?
15.Can cocoa and chocolate cause kidney stones?
16.How much caffeine is really in dark chocolate bars?
17.Why does dark chocolate have iron in it? Is it, or cocoa, a good dietary source of iron?
18.Do any supplements help prevent sunburn or skin damage from sun exposure?
19.What is acrylamide? Is it true that coffee and cocoa contain this toxin?
20.How does white tea compare to green tea and black tea in terms of antioxidant catechins? How about caffeine levels and lead contamination?  (in Comments)
21.Which dietary supplements and health foods contain high levels of lead?
22.What's the best protein to keep and gain muscle when you're older?  (in Comments)
23.How do I choose the best CoQ10 supplement?  (in Comments)
24.Do any supplements really help with brain function, like memory and cognition?
25.When choosing a protein powder, which protein source is best -- whey, casein, soy, pea, rice, hemp or egg?
26.Does CoQ10 reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, or tighten the skin? Are there any other supplements that can help?
27.I've heard that curcumin is a MAO inhibitor. Is this true, and does that mean it is not safe to take if you eat amine-rich foods like cheese and dark chocolate?
28.I was surprised when my doctor told me to stop taking supplements because my kidney function was low. But after stopping the supplements, my kidney function returned to normal. Can taking a lot of supplements really damage the kidneys?
29.Which supplements help to improve energy and decrease fatigue?
30.How do the Beyond Burger, the Impossible Burger, and a beef burger compare in terms of vitamins and minerals, and which is best?
31.I take a number of supplements and I think they are making my acid reflux worse. Which supplements could be causing my stomach irritation, and what can I do about it?
32.I take lisinopril (Zestril), an ACE inhibitor drug to lower blood pressure. Are there supplements I should avoid, or be taking, due to this drug?  (in Comments)
33.Is it best to take probiotic supplements with or without food? It seems like everyone has a different recommendation.  (in Comments)
34.What is carrageenan? Should I be concerned that it is an ingredient in my supplement?
35.Which supplements can help me sleep?
36.Which supplements can help with indigestion and/or heartburn?
37.Which supplements can help to lower blood pressure?
38.Some websites are highly critical of magnesium stearate, which is in many supplements. Is this substance toxic and should I avoid it?
39.Is drinking coffee good or bad for heart health?
40.Is it true that most coffee is contaminated with mold?

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2017 Curcumin for Memory (11/10/2017)
 Dark Chocolate for Memory (11/08/2017)
 Dark Chocolate & Appetite (07/05/2017)
 Some Concern About Theobromine in Dark Chocolate (06/28/2017)
 Heart Risk Lower with Chocolate (05/30/2017)
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2014 Lead in Dark Chocolate (09/10/2014)
 Dark Chocolate Improves Walking in Peripheral Artery Disease (07/05/2014)
 Cocoa May Worsen Acne (06/11/2014)

Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (03/30/2019)
2.Vanilla Almond Breeze Almond Milk Recalled (08/03/2018)
3.Nutrition Bars Sold at Whole Foods and Online Recalled (03/31/2018)
4.Dark Chocolate Bar Recalled (12/13/2017)
5.Protein Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (08/03/2017)
6.Protein Bars Recalled Due to Listeria Risk (07/24/2017)
7.Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Bars Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (07/11/2017)
8.Dark Chocolate Bar Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (01/14/2017)
9.Ikea Expands Recall of Chocolate Bars (07/16/2016)
10.Ikea Recalls Dark Chocolate Bars Due to Allergen Risk (07/02/2016)
11.Toxins in Chocolate (03/30/2016)
12.Soylent Meal Replacement Powder Reported to Contain Lead and Cadmium (08/19/2015)
13.Colostrum Supplement Recalled (05/23/2015)
14.Most Milk Free of Drug Residue, FDA Study Shows (03/06/2015)
15.Many Dark Chocolate Bars Found to Contain Undeclared Milk (02/12/2015)
16.FDA Warns Seller of Supplements and Chocolate Promoted to Treat Ebola (09/26/2014)
17.Chocolate and Carob Drink Mix Recalled Due To Salmonella Risk (07/30/2014)
18.Chia Powders and Smoothies Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (05/29/2014)
19.Nutrition Bar Recalled Due To Undeclared Allergen (03/11/2013)
20.Manufacturer of Heart, Multivitamin, Cranberry, and Longevity Supplements Warned For Adulteration and Drug Claims (02/13/2013)
21.FDA Warns Candy Maker Making Heart Health Claims (06/26/2006)

News Releases Found:
2019 Some Nutrition Bars Contain More Carbs and Less Fiber Than Listed, ConsumerLab Tests Reveal (09/11/2019)
2017 New Tests Reveal Whether Dark Chocolates and Cocoas Are Toxic or Healthful (07/19/2017)
2014 You Can't Judge a Dark Chocolate Bar by Its Label, According to Tests by -- Amounts of Cocoa Flavanols Vary Widely Among Popular Brands of Chocolate (11/25/2014) Finds Popular Cocoa Powders Contaminated; High Concentrations of Cadmium Raise Concern (08/05/2014)
 Your Cocoa May Be Contaminated! Reveals What’s Really in Cocoa and Chocolate Products (05/21/2014)


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