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Learn what to look for when trying to find the best greens, whole foods supplements --powders and capsules. Review tests for contamination with lead, cadmium, arsenic and pesticides, plus information about safety, side effects, potential allergic reactions. Understand what you are taking before you buy.

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1.Weight Loss Aids
2.High Cholesterol Answers to Questions Found:
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1.Which "whole food" multivitamins are only from foods and don't include synthetic vitamins? What can you tell from the labels of these products: Complete Foods Nutrition-OctoMega MultiVitamin; Sunwarrior Raw Vitamins; Garden of LIfe-MyKind Organics; Nature's Brands-PhytoVitamins; Doctors' Research MultiVitamin?
2.I take warfarin (Coumadin), an anticoagulant drug. Are there supplements I should avoid, or be taking, due to this drug?  (in Comments)
3.Is it possible to take too much vitamin C?  (in Comments)
4.Rhodiola and ashwagandha are both promoted to help with stress and anxiety. Is it safe to take them at the same time?  (in Comments)
5.What do alkaline booster drops do? Do they provide the same benefits as Kre-Alkalyn?
6.Is Spirulina safe? I heard that it can contain toxins, such as BMAA and microcystin toxin.
7.How do the Beyond Burger, the Impossible Burger, and a beef burger compare in terms of vitamins and minerals, and which is best?  (in Comments)
8.The maker of my multivitamin says it doesn't include folic acid because too much from supplements can be harmful. Is that true?  (in Comments)
9.Why does my multivitamin make me nauseous? Is there anything that can help?  (in Comments)
10.Is it true that iodine can cause acne or other skin problems?
11.I'm trying to pick a good multivitamin for my children and husband, and for myself. Any suggestions based on your research?  (in Comments)
12.I'm considering taking vitamin K for my bones, but I take blood thinner (anti-coagulant) medication. Is there a problem taking both?  (in Comments)
13.What are the side effects of melatonin supplements?  (in Comments)
14.I've heard that rice has high levels of arsenic. Does that mean rice bran oil does too?
15.Do collagen or hyaluronic acid supplements really help aging or wrinkled skin?  (in Comments)
16.How can I find the best quality extra virgin olive oil?  (in Comments)
17.I've been using a lutein supplement with 40 mg of lutein and am concerned that this dose may be too high. Are there known harmful side-effects?  (in Comments)
18.Is it better to buy supplements which are combination formulas or single-ingredient?  (in Comments)
19.Is it better to get vitamins from foods or supplements, and are natural vitamins better than synthetic vitamins?
20.What is the best way to take melatonin to get a good night's sleep?  (in Comments)
21.What's the best protein to keep and gain muscle when you're older?  (in Comments)
22.Which dietary supplements and health foods contain high levels of lead?
23.Which supplements can help to lower blood pressure?  (in Comments)
24.How concerned should I be about glyphosate in foods and supplements?
25.What are the health benefits of stevia? Is it safe?
26.What is shilajit? Does it have any proven health benefits, and is heavy metal contamination a concern?
27.Which supplements can help lower my triglycerides?
28.Is canola oil good or bad for you? I heard it can be toxic.
29.Can vitamin supplements strengthen brittle nails?  (in Comments)
30.Do any supplements help prevent or treat osteoporosis?  (in Comments)
31.Is it okay to crush a tablet and consume the powder or add the powder to food, rather than swallowing the tablet whole?
32.How much calcium from supplements is too much?  (in Comments)
33.I'm interested in using Himalayan salt. What are the health benefits with it and other specialty salts? Are there contaminants in these salts?  (in Comments)
34.What are the health benefits of bone broth, and which bone broth is the best?  (in Comments)
35.Can beetroot juice or supplements help lower my blood pressure?
36.Do any supplements help prevent or improve cataracts?
37.I want to try yacon syrup because I've heard it is helpful for weight loss, but there are so many brands to choose from. How do I find a quality brand?
38.I've heard that soaking dried beans for 24 hours reduces the phytate level, allowing for greater access to nutrients. Is this true?  (in Comments)
39.Is it true that oat cereals, like Cheerios, oatmeal, oatflakes and steel-cut oats can be contaminated with a toxin?
40.Which supplements can cause diarrhea?
41.Which supplements are important after bariatric surgery (i.e., weight loss or stomach-reducing surgery)? Are there any I should avoid?
42.What are the nutritional benefits of avocado oil? Is it healthier than olive oil?
43.Do any supplements help for flu?
44.How can the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for magnesium be higher than the Upper Tolerable Intake Level (UL)? That is, how can an amount which is healthful also put you at risk for harm?
45.What is EpiCor? Does it really "boost" the immune system and prevent colds?
46.Which supplements are best for seasonal allergies?
47.Which supplements can help lower or control my blood sugar?

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2017 Toxin in Algae Supplements (03/28/2017)
 Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Juice Plus+? (03/15/2017)
2016 Spirulina Lowers Cholesterol (08/09/2016)
 Gastrointestinal Side-Effects of Chlorella (02/21/2016)
2014 Chlorella Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides (07/09/2014)
2013 Toxin in Algae Supplements (01/20/2013)

Recalls and Warnings Found:
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1.FDA Warns Companies Selling CBD Products as Dietary Supplements (11/26/2019)
2.Supplements Promoted for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Sell "False Hope," Warns FDA (02/13/2019)
3.Seller of Protein Powder, Spirulina & Other Products Warned for Manufacturing Violations (12/12/2018)
4.Seller of Cold and Flu Supplements, "SuperFood" & More Warned by FDA (12/05/2018)
5.Wegmans Recalls Traditional Medicinals Teas Due to Salmonella Risk (04/26/2018)
6.Bob's Red Mill Organic Amaranth Flour Recalled Due To Salmonella Risk (04/09/2018)
7.EXO Cricket Protein Bars Recalled (04/06/2018)
8.FDA Reports Prevalence of Salmonella In Retail Spices (02/17/2018)
9.Joint Supplement Recalled for Salmonella Risk (01/21/2018)
10.Men's Fiber Supplement Recalled (01/21/2018)
11."Micro Greens" Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (03/24/2017)
12.Soylent Recalls Bars As It Investigates Complaints of Gastrointestinal Issues (10/13/2016)
13.Maker of "Super Food" Warned for Manufacturing Violations (07/23/2016)
14.Liquid Multi Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (05/02/2016)
15.Toxins in Chocolate (03/30/2016)
16.FDA Finds Problems at 58% of Supplement Manufacturing Sites in U.S. and Abroad (03/12/2016)
17.Soylent Meal Replacement Powder Reported to Contain Lead and Cadmium (08/19/2015)
18.FDA Warns Maker of Fruit Energy Drinks for Drug Claims (06/11/2015)
19.Seller of Omega-3, Probiotics & SuperFoods Warned for Manufacturing Violations, Drug Claims (05/30/2015)
20.Major Retailers Accused of Selling Adulterated Herbal Supplements (02/03/2015)
21.Smoothie Blends Recalled Due to Potential Listeria Contamination (01/21/2015)
22.Risk of Fungal Infection from Probiotics in People with Weakened Immune System (12/10/2014)
23.Seller of Energy & Joint Supplements, Aloe, Silver and More Warned for Drug Claims (12/02/2014)
24.Organic Brown Rice Flour Recalled (11/17/2014)
25.Probiotic Powder Recalled (11/17/2014)
26.Shark Cartilage Supplement Recalled (10/24/2014)
27.More Carob Powder Products Recalled (09/23/2014)
28.McCormick Ground Oregano Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (08/16/2014)
29.More Carob Powder Recalled (08/16/2014)
30."Superfood" Greens Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (08/04/2014)
31.Protein Drink Mix Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk (07/02/2014)
32."Stem Cell" Supplement Recalled Due to Allergen Risk (01/21/2014)
33.Prebiotic and Digestive Enzyme Supplement Recalled Due To Drug Risk (10/11/2013)
34.Maker of Greens and Whole Foods Supplements Warned For Drug Claims, Manufacturing Violations (08/06/2013)
35.Maker of Algae Products Warned For Drug Claims, Manufacturing Violations (08/01/2013)
36.Herbal Supplement Company Warned For Drug Claims, Manufacturing Violations (07/12/2013)
37.Protein And Nutrition Bars Recalled Due To Undeclared Milk Allergen (06/14/2013)
38.Seller of Cardio, Immune, Greens Supplements and More Warned For Drug Claims (06/13/2013)
39.Nutrition Bars Recalled Due To Undeclared Milk Allergen (06/07/2013)
40.Maker of Cardio, Arthritis, Cleanse Supplements and More Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (05/17/2013)
41.Maker of Nutrition Shakes Warned For Manufacturing Violations (03/22/2013)
42.Probiotic Recalled Due To Undeclared Soy (03/21/2013)
43.Maker of Liquid Supplements Warned For Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims (03/15/2013)
44.Ingredient Supplier Warned For Meal Replacement Product Misbranding and Adulteration (02/06/2013)
45.Food for Health Warned for Manufacturing Violations and Drug Claims on Supplements (01/24/2013)
46.FDA Reports Arsenic in Rice Products -- Particularly Brown Rice (09/19/2012)
47.Court Orders Marketers of Supreme Greens and Coral Calcium to Pay Nearly $70 Million for Consumer Refunds (08/31/2009)
48.Garden of Life, Maker of Primal Defense, Settles FTC Charges (03/16/2006)
49.Deceptive Marketing of “Supreme Greens" -- Settlement with FTC (10/06/2005)
50.False Claims Made by Marketer of Cortisol-related Weight-Loss Supplements According to FTC (10/06/2004)
51.FTC Charges Marketers of Two Supplements with False Claims to Cure Range of Diseases (06/04/2004)
52.FDA Seizes Bogus Dietary Supplement That Claims to Cure Cancer (09/29/2003)

News Releases Found:
2019 Best Selenium Supplements Identified by ConsumerLab (07/10/2019)
 Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2019 Based on Consumer Satisfaction -- Results of the Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users (02/25/2019)
 Contamination Still an Issue in Some Greens and Whole Food Products, ConsumerLab Tests Reveal (01/31/2019)
2018 Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2018 Based on Consumer Satisfaction (02/25/2018)
2017 Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2017 Based on Consumer Satisfaction (02/25/2017)
2016 ConsumerLab Finds Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic Contamination in Greens and Whole Foods Supplements (08/08/2016)
 36% of Meal Replacement Powders and Shakes Fail's Tests of Quality (07/26/2016)
 Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2016 Based on Consumer Satisfaction (02/25/2016)
 Problems Found with 32% of Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplements -- Identifies Good Choices for Men, Women, and Children (01/12/2016)
2015 Best Supplements for Bone Health? Finds Products with Multiple Ingredients More Likely to Contain Wrong Amounts (04/28/2015)
 Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2015 Based on Consumer Satisfaction -- Results of the Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users (02/25/2015)
2014 Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2014 Based on Consumer Satisfaction -- Results of the Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users (02/12/2014)
2013 Reports Problems and “Top Picks” Among Bars for Energy, Fiber, Protein, Meal-Replacement, and Whole Food (10/08/2013)
 Contamination a Common Problem in "Greens" and "Whole Foods" Products According to (07/08/2013)
 CoQ10 & Ubiquinol Supplements Should Be Chosen Carefully, Cautions -- Less Than 4% of Listed Ingredient Found in Widely-Sold Product (03/05/2013)
 Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2013 Based on Consumer Satisfaction
2012 tests selenium supplements -- Finds one with less than 25% of listed amount (08/31/2012)
 Top-rated vitamin and supplement brands and merchants on consumer satisfaction for 2012 -- Based on Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users (02/01/2012)
2011 puts multivitamins to the test (06/16/2011) reviews CoQ10 and ubiquinol supplements -- Tests show quality to be high, but large differences found in dosage, formulation, and cost (03/08/2011)
 Top-rated vitamin and supplement brands and merchants on consumer satisfaction for 2011 -- Based on survey of vitamin and supplement users  (02/01/2011)
 Vitamin D use increased 52% in past two years according to survey of supplement users -- Fish oil continued to surpass multivitamins as most popular supplement and Internet was most common place to buy supplements (01/31/2011)
2010 Finds Lower-priced Resveratrol Supplements Pass Tests While Some Higher-priced brands flunk (12/02/2010) tests "greens" and "whole foods" products; Most offer healthful nutrients, but some found contaminated with heavy metals (06/09/2010)
2009 Tests show many milk thistle supplements low in key component -- Nine of ten products fail testing of herb used in diabetes and liver diseases (12/02/2009) tests quality of acai berry supplements and beverages -- No contamination found but health benefits remain unproven.  Caution urged with laxative formulas and billing schemes. (08/25/2009)
 40% of Green Tea and Selenium Products Fail Review of Cancer-Prevention Supplements; Lycopene Supplements Pass (04/28/2009)
2008 finds improvements in labeling of nutrition bars but potential pitfalls exist -- New report compares 20 bars, including those for protein, fiber, energy and whole food (08/12/2008)
2006 tests cancer-prevention supplements; several contaminated with lead or low in ingredient
— Report available for green tea, selenium, and lycopene supplements
 Tests of memory enhancing supplements by reveals lead in some ginkgo (01/03/2006)


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