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1.Lactose Intolerance
Sugar comes in many forms. One type of sugar, lactose, occurs primarily in milk. Nature gives young children the ability to digest lactose, because they need to do so when they nurse. However, as people grow up, they often lose the lactose-digesting enzyme, known as lactase . The result is a condition called lactose intolerance. Symptoms include in...
Score: 100%
2.Antibiotics (General)
See also /tnp/pg000391 21614 doc Amoxicillin ; /tnp/pg000263 21501 doc Cephalosporins ; /tnp/pg000548 21711 doc Ethambutol ; /tnp/pg000471 21659 doc Fluoroquinolones ; /tnp/pg000665 21762 doc Isoniazid ; /tnp/pg000539 21708 doc Nitrofurantoin ; /tnp/pg000896 21850 doc Rifampin ; /tnp/pg000164 21418 doc Tetracyclines ; /tnp/pg000145 21402 doc Trimet...
Score: 97%
3.Acidophilus and Other Probiotics
Lactobacillus acidophilus is a "friendly" strain of bacteria used to make yogurt and cheese. Although we are born without it, acidophilus soon establishes itself in our intestines and helps prevent intestinal infections. Acidophilus also flourishes in the vagina, where it protects women against yeast infections. Acidophilus is one of several microb...
Score: 97%
4.Canker Sores
Canker sores are small ulcers in the mouth caused by an assortment of viruses. A susceptibility to canker sores tends to run in families. No successful conventional treatment is available. A highly preliminary study suggests that a chemically altered form of the herb licorice known as /tnp/pg000492 21674 doc deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) may be...
Score: 96%
5.Functional Foods Index
Score: 96%
Gastritis is a condition in which the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed, leading to discomfort. If the inflammation is prolonged, either atrophic gastritis (a condition in which the glands of the stomach lining disappear) or an /tnp/pg000366 doc 21594 ulcer may develop. Underlying causes of gastritis include infection with the organism Helicob...
Score: 92%
Diarrhea, or loose bowel movements, can occur for many reasons. Food poisoning and infections are the most common causes of acute (short-lived) diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea may be caused by ongoing illnesses of the digestive tract, such as /tnp/condition/ibd doc 39023 inflammatory bowel disease and /tnp/pg000616 doc 21736 irritable bowel syndrome . C...
Score: 91%
8.Immune Support
The body must contend with constant attacks by microscopic organisms. In order to defend against this onslaught, it deploys a wide range of defenses that together are called the immune system. People with diseases that cause immune deficiency, such as /tnp/pg000123 doc 21381 AIDS , fall victim to infectious microorganisms that a healthy person coul...
Score: 91%
9.Herbs & Supplements
Score: 89%
10.Candida/Yeast Hypersensitivity Syndrome
Candida albicans is a naturally occurring yeast that flourishes in moist areas, such as the digestive tract, the vagina, and skin folds. Ordinarily, its population is kept in check by bacteria that live in the same areas. When normal bacteria are disturbed by antibiotics, however, yeast populations can grow to abnormally high levels. For women, the...
Score: 88%

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