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1.EBSCO NAT Editorial Process
6260 Full_NAT logo 219 59 Thank you for your patience as we update NAT content for you. Our new format will help you quickly find evidence-based information about supplements and natural therapies. Our first step continues to be a search for quality research. The research is carefully reviewed and objectively assessed. The information is then synth...
Score: 99%
2.Nutrition Supplements: Vitamins, Minerals, and Non-Nutrient Supplements
One of the great medical discoveries of the last century involved the identification of the nutritional substances necessary for life. Along with the macronutrients (fat, carbohydrate, and protein), these micronutrients make up the essential ingredients of a healthful diet. Vitamins and minerals have been available as supplements since at least...
Score: 54%
3.Herbal Medicine
Along with /tnp/therapy/massage doc 37433 massage therapy , herbal treatment is undoubtedly one of the most ancient forms of medicine. By the time written history began, herbal medicine was already in full swing and being used in all parts of the world. There are several major surviving schools of herbal medicine. Two of the most complex systems ar...
Score: 52%
Note : For information on homeopathic treatments for specific conditions, see /tnp/homeo/index condition doc 38449 Homeopathic Treatments by Condition . For information on specific homeopathic remedies, see the /tnp/homeo/index remedy doc 38449 Homeopathic Remedies . Homeopathy is an alternative philosophy that believes highly diluted substances ha...
Score: 48%
5.Dupuytren's Contracture
Named after a nineteenth-century French baron, Dupuytren's contracture is a thickening of tissue in the palm that causes an inability to straighten one or more fingers, usually the ring finger or little finger. The involved tissue hardens and shrinks forming a small lump or "cord" in the palm. Discomfort is unusual. The condition can involve both h...
Score: 46%
6.Complementary Therapies
The Complementary Therapies Natural Health Encyclopedia contains detailed information on more than 180 different conditions and the conventional and natural treatments used to treat them, over 200 herbs and supplements, plus drug-herb and drug-supplement interactions for more than 75 drug categories. Information is available about our /tnp/edboard...
Score: 46%
7.Crohn's Disease
Crohn disease (CD) is inflammation in the colon and the end of the small bowel. It causes loose stools, belly pain, lack of energy, and other health problems. You may go back and forth between times when you have symptoms and times when you do not. CD is managed by avoiding certain foods that make it worse. Medicine can also help. Surgery can remov...
Score: 44%
8.Children s Health
Because young people are more sensitive and delicate than adults, many parents wish to spare their children treatment with potentially harsh medications, so they turn to natural medicine. However, this desire meets an opposing impulse: the fact that parents are worried about their children s health and are less willing to experiment with treatments...
Score: 43%
9.Food Allergies and Sensitivities
A food allergy is defined as an abnormal immune reaction caused by the ingestion of a food or food additive. The most dramatic form of food allergy reaction occurs within minutes, usually in response to certain foods such as shellfish, peanuts, or strawberries. The effects are similar to those of a bee sting allergy, involving hives, itching, swell...
Score: 43%
10.Tooth Decay Prevention
Tooth decay is caused by acid from bacteria that live in your mouth. Sugars increase the amount acid. This acid wears away the protective coating on your teeth called enamel. Over time, this leads to a cavity. There are many ways to prevent cavities: Both adults and children were involved in the studies listed below. Editorial process and descripti...
Score: 43%

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