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Carob is a warm-climate tree that grows up to 50 feet in height. Its long, reddish pods contain seeds used as medicine and food. The seed consists of three different parts: the outer husk, the nutritive endosperm (analogous to the white edible portion of the coconut), and the inner seed, or germ. The endosperm is converted to locust bean gum, a ...
Score: 99%
2.Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
Branched chain amino acids (BCCAs) refers to a group of proteins with a branch-like structure. These proteins are used to rebuild muscle. BCCAs have been used to ease muscle soreness and improve muscle function. They can be taken as a pill or powder. They can also be injected into the bloodstream by a healthcare provider. 1 to 5 grams once daily....
Score: 95%
3.General Wellness
It is one of the cardinal principles of natural medicine that treatment should aim not only to treat illness but also to enhance wellness. According to this ideal, a proper course of treatment should improve your sense of general well-being, enhance your immunity to illness, raise your physical stamina, and increase mental alertness, as well as res...
Score: 94%
Mannose is a six-carbon-sugar, as are the better known and closely related substances glucose and fructose. Relying on evidence that is both exceedingly preliminary and highly inconsistent, some alternative medicine practitioners have popularized mannose as a treatment for urinary tract infections. Mannose plays an important role in human physio...
Score: 94%
The supplement called spirulina consists of one or more members of a family of blue-green algae. The name was inspired by the spiral shapes in which these plants array themselves as they grow. ref1 1 Other blue-green algae products are also available on the market, and they are discussed in this article as well. Spirulina grows in the wild in salty...
Score: 94%
6.Hydroxymethyl Butyrate (HMB)
Technically "beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid," HMB is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body when the amino acid leucine breaks down. Leucine is found in particularly high concentrations in muscles. During athletic training, damage to the muscles leads to the breakdown of leucine as well as increased HMB levels. Evidence suggests that ta...
Score: 92%
Brahmi is an herb that has been used to improve focus and thought. It can be taken as a powder or pill. 300 to 450 milligrams once daily. Editorial process and description of evidence categories can be found at 1106577 /tnp/Natural and Alternative Treatment Editorial Process EBSCO NAT Editorial Process . It is likely safe to take brahmi for a short...
Score: 92%
8.B Vitamins
B vitamins include a number of different vitamins. They include thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin B6, folic acid, and vitamin B12. B vitamin supplements may include all or some of these types. B vitamins are thought to improve brain function and blood flow. They are often recommended for pregnant women. B vitamins can b...
Score: 91%
Arginine is an amino acid found in the body. It has been taken to lower blood pressure, improve heart function, and increase sex drive. Arginine can be taken as a pill or powder. Arginine can also be applied as a paste. It has been used to ease tooth sensitivity. 2 to 10 grams once daily Editorial process and description of evidence categories can ...
Score: 90%
Beta-carotene is a red-orange compound found in fruits and vegetables. The body turns it into vitamin A. Beta-carotene has been used to help the body fight illness. It has also been used as an antioxidant to help slow damage to cells. Beta-carotene can be taken as a pill or powder. 5 to 15 milligrams once per day Beta-carotene may help: Beta-carote...
Score: 88%

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