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1.Nutrition Supplements: Vitamins, Minerals, and Non-Nutrient Supplements
One of the great medical discoveries of the last century involved the identification of the nutritional substances necessary for life. Along with the macronutrients (fat, carbohydrate, and protein), these micronutrients make up the essential ingredients of a healthful diet. Vitamins and minerals have been available as supplements since at least...
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Note : For information on homeopathic treatments for specific conditions, see /tnp/homeo/index condition doc 38449 Homeopathic Treatments by Condition . For information on specific homeopathic remedies, see the /tnp/homeo/index remedy doc 38449 Homeopathic Remedies . Homeopathy is an alternative philosophy that believes highly diluted substances ha...
Score: 96%
3.Herbal Medicine
Along with /tnp/therapy/massage doc 37433 massage therapy , herbal treatment is undoubtedly one of the most ancient forms of medicine. By the time written history began, herbal medicine was already in full swing and being used in all parts of the world. There are several major surviving schools of herbal medicine. Two of the most complex systems ar...
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Lysine is an essential amino acid, one that you need to get from food. Some evidence suggests that supplemental lysine may be able to help prevent herpes infections (cold sores and genital herpes). Most people need about 1 g of lysine per day. The requirement may be greater for athletes and people recovering from major injuries, especially burns. T...
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The common virus Herpes simplex, known as simply as herpes, can cause painful blister-like lesions around the mouth and in the genitalia. Slightly different strains of herpes predominate in each of these two locations, but the infections are essentially identical. In both areas, the herpes virus has the devious habit of hiding out deep in the DNA ...
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The concept of detoxification plays a major role in many schools of alternative medicine, including /tnp/therapy/ayurveda doc 38728 Ayurveda , /tnp/therapy/naturopathy doc 37408 naturopathy and /tnp/therapy/chiro doc 37431 chiropractic . In this context, the term refers to a belief that toxins accumulated in the body are a major cause of disease, a...
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7.Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is inflammation in the lining and sometimes the wall of the intestine. It includes /tnp/pg000890 doc 21844 ulcerative colitis and /tnp/pg000388 21611 doc crohns disease . It can cause diarrhea, belly pain, and rectal bleeding. It is managed with medicine and healthy habits. Some people may need surgery. Natural the...
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8.Middle Ear Infections
Acute otitis media (AOM) is a painful infection of the middle ear, the portion of the ear behind the eardrum. (Another form of ear infection, otitis externa or swimmer's ear, is entirely different and is not covered here.) AOM often follows a cold, sore throat, or other respiratory illness. Although it can affect adults, AOM occurs primarily in inf...
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9.Acute Bronchitis
Acute bronchitis is swelling of the airways in the lungs (bronchi). In most cases, it is caused by a viral infection that happens during a cold. It results in coughing and problems breathing. It can worsen breathing problems in people with asthma. The body must fight the virus. Rest and fluids may help, but over-the-counter medications only treat s...
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10.Symptomatic Homeopathy
As opposed to /tnp/homeo/homeo doc 38314 constitutional homeopathy , symptomatic homeopathy focuses on the immediate condition of the individual rather than examining the complex, underlying, detailed historical information. For example, suppose you have come down with symptoms of the flu. Rather than undergoing the detailed questioning involved in...
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