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1.Vitamin K
Vitamin K plays a major role in the body's blood clotting system. There are three forms of vitamin K: K 1 (phylloquinone), found in plants; K 2 (menaquinone), produced by bacteria in your intestines; and K 3 (menadione), a synthetic form. Vitamin K is used medically to reverse the effects of "blood-thinning" drugs, such as warfarin (Coumadin). Gr...
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See also /tnp/pg000134 21392 doc Antibiotics (General) Amoxicillin is a relative of the antibiotic penicillin, but has been modified to have a broader spectrum of effect. According to two studies, the supplement bromelain (from pineapple stems) may increase the absorption of amoxicillin. ref1 1,2 This effect might help the antibiotic work better. T...
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See also /tnp/pg000134 doc 21392 Antibiotics (General) These antibiotics work somewhat similarly to penicillin, but have been chemically modified to have a broader spectrum of effect. Drugs in this family include Like all other antibiotics, cephalosporins might interfere with vitamin K levels by killing vitamin K producing bacteria in the intestine...
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Like phenobarbital, to which it is closely related, primidone is used to control epileptic seizures. Primidone can reduce folate levels perhaps by increasing the rate of breakdown of the vitamin. Over time, such a decrease can cause anemia. ref1 1 5 Taking folate supplements will correct this anemia. ref6 6 Anticonvulsant-induced folate deficiency ...
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5.Antibiotics (General)
See also /tnp/pg000391 21614 doc Amoxicillin ; /tnp/pg000263 21501 doc Cephalosporins ; /tnp/pg000548 21711 doc Ethambutol ; /tnp/pg000471 21659 doc Fluoroquinolones ; /tnp/pg000665 21762 doc Isoniazid ; /tnp/pg000539 21708 doc Nitrofurantoin ; /tnp/pg000896 21850 doc Rifampin ; /tnp/pg000164 21418 doc Tetracyclines ; /tnp/pg000145 21402 doc Trimet...
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Phenobarbital and its relative phenobarbitone are sometimes used to control seizures. Phenobarbital can reduce folate levels, perhaps by increasing the rate of breakdown of the vitamin. ref1 1 6 Over time, such a decrease can cause anemia. Taking folate supplements can correct this anemia. ref7 7 Anticonvulsant-induced folate deficiency might also ...
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Many factors are known or suspected to accelerate the rate of bone loss. These include smoking, alcohol, low calcium intake, lack of exercise, various medications, and several medical illnesses. Excessive consumption of /tnp/pg000904 doc 21858 vitamin A may also increase risk of osteoporosis, ref1 1,109 and rapid weight loss may increase the risk i...
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Phenytoin is an anticonvulsant agent used primarily to prevent seizures in conditions such as epilepsy. Drugs similar to phenytoin are ethotoin (Peganone) and mephenytoin (Mesantoin). Other anticonvulsant agents include /tnp/pg000289 doc 21526 carbamazepine , /tnp/pg000185 21433 doc phenobarbital , /tnp/pg000892 21846 doc primidone , and /tnp/pg000...
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Warfarin (Coumadin) is an anticoagulant used to thin the blood and prevent it from clotting. It is a somewhat dangerous drug that can be affected by many substances, including food. Note : If you are taking warfarin, we do not recommend taking any herb or supplement except on a physician's advice. Similar blood-thinning drugs are anisindione (Mirad...
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Carbamazepine is an anticonvulsant agent used primarily to prevent seizures in conditions such as epilepsy. Other anticonvulsant agents include /tnp/pg000185 doc 21433 phenobarbital , /tnp/pg000491 21673 doc phenytoin , /tnp/pg000892 21846 doc primidone , and /tnp/pg000419 21628 doc valproic acid . In some cases, combination therapy with two or mor...
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