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Acne happens when hair follicles become blocked by oil and dead skin. It may be an isolated blemish, a small outbreak, or constant and severe acne that can lead to scarring. It is most common in teens, but can also occur in adults and children. Since it affects a person s physical appearance, it can also lower self-esteem and result in social withd...
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2.Potassium-Sparing Diuretics
This family of diuretics was invented to avoid the potassium loss common with loop and thiazide diuretics. Potassium-sparing diuretics include drugs such as amiloride hydrochloride (Midamor), spironolactone (Aldactone), and triamterene (Dyrenium), among others. Potassium-sparing diuretics cause the kidneys to hold potassium in the body. When you ar...
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3.Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE Inhibitors)
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors) block the conversion of a naturally occurring substance, angiotensin, to a more active form. These medications are widely used to treat hypertension as well as congestive heart failure and other conditions. Drugs in this category include Arginine is an amino acid that has been used to improv...
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4.Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are abnormal eating patterns that have harmful effects on overall health. They can impact social, psychological, and physical well-being. Severe forms can be life-threatening. Eating disorders include: Eating disorders are most commonly identified in teenage girls and young adult women, but can occur in men as well. The goal of tre...
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See also /tnp/pg000134 doc 21392 Antibiotics (General) Ethambutol is often used along with isoniazid in the treatment of tuberculosis. Ethambutol may interfere with the absorption of copper and zinc by binding to them. ref1 1 In order to avoid deficiency, you may wish to take supplements of these essential minerals. Make sure to separate your etham...
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6.Sickle Cell Disease
Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder. Normally, red blood cells are disc-shaped and flexible. In sickle cell disease, however, hemoglobin (the chemical within red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body) is abnormal. This defect causes red blood cells to collapse into a crescent, or sickle, shape. These abnormal blood cells ar...
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The drug penicillamine is primarily used to treat Wilson's disease (an inherited disorder affecting copper metabolism, causing cirrhosis and brain and eye problems) and rheumatoid arthritis. When used to treat Wilson's disease, penicillamine works by removing copper from the body. Taking copper supplements while you are using penicillamine for this...
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8.Male Infertility
Infertility is the inability of a man to father a child in a fertile woman. It is diagnosed after one year of regular, unprotected sex. It may be caused by: For some men, the cause may be unknown. Treatment may include medicine or surgery to repair any problems. Lifestyle changes may also help. Natural therapies may affect sperm motility, count, or...
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The term "antacid" is used to describe certain compounds that directly neutralize stomach acid. Tums, Maalox Advanced Regular Strength, and Mylanta all fall into this category. The active ingredients in most antacids are various forms of calcium, magnesium, and aluminum. Antacids are useful mostly for symptomatic relief of uncomfortable "acid stoma...
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10.Thiazide Diuretics
Thiazide diuretics are commonly used to treat /tnp/pg000596 21725 doc hypertension . Drugs in this family include: Bendroflumethiazide (Naturetin) Benzthiazide (Exna) Chlorothiazide (Diurigen, Diuril) Chlorthalidone (Hygroton, Thalitone) Hydrochlorothiazide (Esidrix, Ezide, HydroDIURIL, Hydro-Par, Microzide, Oretic) Hydroflumethiazide (Diucardi...
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