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Posted June 1, 2012

Homeopathic Manufacturer Settles False Advertising Suit

June 1, 2012 — A federal court in California recently authorized the settlement of a class action lawsuit against Boiron Inc. and Boiron USA, Inc. claiming that Boiron falsely advertised its homeopathic products Oscillococcinum and Children's Oscillococcinum, Arnicare, Quietude, Camilia, and Coldcalm among others. These products are advertised to provide relief for the symptoms of common ailments including but not limited to the seasonal flu, muscle pain and stiffness, cough, the common cold, sleeplessness, restless sleep, occasional awakening, and relief of symptoms associated with baby teething, such as painful gums, irritability and minor digestive disorders.

Boiron has denied that it did anything wrong but, under the settlement, agreed to pay $5,000,000 to customers, plaintiffs, attorneys and others and, within 24 months of the settlement, will modify labels, packaging, and web pages related to the products. Packaging will be modified to indicate that the "Uses" described have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and will include the web address of a page explaining homeopathic dilutions.