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If you are having difficulty with subscribing, with your subscription, signing in, or other website difficulty see "Solutions to Subscription Problems." These simple solutions address most problems. If you still need help, you can email us at, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible, but allow up to 2 business days for us to research your question and reply. Or call us at 914-722-9149.

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Group/Institutional Subscriptions: offers group subscriptions that are easy to access, cost effective, and invoiced to a single payor. Group and institutional subscriptions to are available for universities, colleges, academic departments, hospitals, public and private libraries, healthcare practices, government agencies, and companies of 5 or more people. For groups under 20, subscriptions can be set up using individual user sign-in. For larger groups/institutions, subscription is usually provided through a closed intranet and based on the approximate number of people or FTE's having access. For libraries, subscription is also based on the number of locations and terminals.

For academic courses that require access, schools can set up a semester-based access for enrolled students.

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Members are welcome to print out reports for their individual use. To properly print, be sure to click on the "Print" icon in the upper right corner of the page. This will better position the printed report and avoid problems with printing scrollable tables. The pages are formatted to fit on most modern systems, but if the sides of the pages are being cut off on your print out, reduce the page to about 75% of the normal size. This can be done from your browser. Using Internet Explorer, for example, click File > Page Set Up > Printer > Properties and then click on an option to change printing effects in order to reduce the image size. Sometimes when printing from Internet Explorer a page will print blank. This is a problem unique to Internet Explorer. The easiest way around this is to print from a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

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Tested Products:

We are continually testing products and posting new reports and updates. On a rotating basis we completely update the Product Review reports, testing a new group of products so that every popular report is updated approximately every two to four years. The products that we select for testing change with each report, allowing you to see results for a variety of current products. We publish the results for every product selected. If you no longer see a product listed in a report, it means that it was not selected for the most recent testing.

Before we conduct each Product Review, ConsumerLab members are asked by us (by email invitation) to suggest specific products that we should test, and we rely on these surveys, and results of previous tests, to guide our product selection. CL members are also welcome, at any time, to suggest products and product categories they would like to see tested. As our goal is to identify the best products, be aware that we are unlikely to select products that have failed previous tests or been negatively reviewed by us in the past. Keep in mind that there are over 1,000 brands of supplements sold in the U.S. and over 30,000 products and we can only test so many.

Companies are welcome to have their products tested through our Quality Certification Program. Products that pass testing in this program are added to the respective reports and are noted as having been tested through the certification program.

If you are a company whose product has failed testing in one of our reviews, you may obtain additional information at no cost, as described in our Policy Toward Manufacturers of Products that Fail to Pass CL Testing. For more information, contact

General Information:

Due to the large volume of messages that receives, we cannot reply to every e-mail. We do our best to respond to as many as possible and in a timely manner.

Please note that is unable to dispense medical advice nor respond to questions concerning the test status of products not reported on its website. Other questions relating to our research can be sent to

Testing of Products for CL Certification:

Reporting Problem with a Product:

If you have experienced an unexpected and adverse reaction due to a dietary supplement, nutritional product, or generic drug, we would like to hear about it, as we may investigate the problem.

Custom Analysis:

In addition to testing products for our Product Reviews and the Quality Certification Program, we can assist researchers who need to assess the quality of products to be used in clinical trials. If you are a researcher, email your specific needs to for a quote.

Unfortunately, we are unable to test products sent by individuals and do not test products or provide consulting for litigation. We also do not provide recommendations of outside laboratories.

If you have a quality concern about a product, please email information about that product to We will consider purchasing and testing it as part of a future Product Review.

Survey Report and PriceCheck Program:

For information about purchasing market research reports based on's Annual Vitamin & Supplement Users Survey or about’s PriceCheck program, email or call (609) 936-0770.

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Or call the Subscription Services number below and request the President's office.

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