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What are the health benefits of D-ribose and is it safe?

Find out if D-ribose supplementation is beneficial for heart failure, exercise performance, and fibromyalgia and learn if it is safe.

Two measuring scoops and capsules of D-ribose on black countertop

Is topical menthol, such as Biofreeze, safe and effective for pain relief?

Menthol is commonly used in topical creams and gels for pain relief. Find out if it works and if it's safe.

Man applying menthol cream

How to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Vitamins and Supplements

ConsumerLab explains how to spot and avoid counterfeit vitamins and supplements when shopping online, including what to look for on Amazon product pages, signs a supplement may be a counterfeit, and what to do if you think you've recieved a counterfeit product.

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Bee pollen: Purported health benefits and possible side effects

Bee pollen is promoted for numerous health conditions, including supporting immune health and boosting energy. Find out if it works and if it's safe.

A wooden spoon holding bee pollen granules over a table

What are human growth hormone (HGH) supplements? What are the benefits? Are they safe?

Learn about the benefits and risks of human growth hormone (HGH) supplements and injections. Get science-based insights on usage and effects.

Man at gym taking supplement

What are the health benefits of luteolin, and is it safe?

Find out if luteolin, a compound found in many fruits and vegetables, is beneficial for cancer, heart health, skin aging, age-related cognitive decline, and other conditions, and learn if it's safe.

Luteolin containing vegetables including celery peppers lettuce and spinach

Do plasmalogen supplements improve cognitive function and memory?

Plasmalogen supplements claim to improve cognitive function, support memory, and reduce brain fog. Find out if they work.

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What are "broad-spectrum micronutrient" supplements, and do they have greater health benefits than multivitamin/multimineral supplements?

Learn about "broad-spectrum micronutrients" and how they compare to multivitamin/multimineral supplements.

Multivitamins on a table with a multivitamin supplement nutrition label in front of the multivitamins

How can I avoid aconite – a toxin – in Aconitum supplements?

Aconite is a highly toxic alkaloid found in Aconitum plants ( also called monkshood, wolfsbane, or devil's hood). Aconite poisoning can cause low blood pressure, chest pain, increased or decreased heart rate, and irregular heart rhythm that can lead to cardiac arrest and death. Find out which supplements may contain aconite and how to avoid it.


Risks of Too Many Vitamins & Supplements

Taking too many vitamin supplements -- or taking too much of a particular supplement -- can have short and long-term adverse effects.

Too Many Vitamins
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