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How important it is to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) in drinking water from my tap?

Vitamins and Minerals for People Age 70 or Older

Which vitamins and minerals should someone over 70 take?

Woman holding various vitamins and supplements in her hands

Which supplements can help treat anemia? Can any supplements cause a low red blood cell count?

Find out which vitamin and nutrient supplements can help prevent and treat anemia in people who are nutrient deficient and learn which supplements may cause low bleed cell counts, especially when used in excess.

Small amount of toothpaste being applied to a toothbrush with a glass of water in the background

Can fluoride in toothpaste, mouth rinses or drinking water cause attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children?

Find out if community water fluoridation increases the risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, and learn what the American Dental Association recommends when using fluoride-containing toothpaste and mouth rinses in children.

Man in wheelchair talking with doctor after recovering from COVID

How Should You Take Care of Yourself After You’ve Had COVID-19?

Find out the best way to care for yourself when recovering from COVID-19, including how long you should quarantine, whether you should get vaccinated, when it is safe to undergo a surgery, and how to spot and, possibly, improve lingering symptoms.

Elderly man with parkinsons holding trembling hand while eating

Do supplements help with Parkinson’s disease treatment or prevention?

Learn what has been shown with vitamins D and E, niacin, CoQ10, melatonin, creatine, SAMe, NAC, valerian, CoQ10, and CBD, as well as with coffee and the Mediterranean and MIND diets for treating and/or preventing Parkinson's disease.

Coffee being poured into white coffee cup

Is it true that magnesium can make coffee taste better?

Find out if magnesium in your coffee can improve its taste and if it matters whether the magnesium is added before or after brewing.

Zinc carnosine supplements in wooden spoon in front of oysters

What are the health benefits of zinc carnosine, also called polaprezinc, and is it safe?

Find out if zinc carnosine is beneficial for any GI conditions, including stomach ulcers, Helicobacter pylori infection, taste disturbances, aspirin-induced small-bowel injury and oral mucositis, and learn if it is safe.

Man reading a book while sitting in front of a light box

Are light boxes effective for preventing and treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as "winter depression"? Which light boxes are best?

Learn about the benefits and safety of light boxes (including who is most likely to benefit), how to use these devices, which commercially available products appear to meet the technical requirements, and who should not use light boxes.

Container of natural appetite suppressant supplement with measuring tape and scale in background

Do any supplements naturally suppress appetite and help with weight loss?

Learn which natural ingredients can suppress appetite and find if these natural appetite suppressants help with weight loss.

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