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What is Lipo-flavonoid and does it work for tinnitus or other ear problems?

Lipo-flavonoid Plus info, including ingredients & reliability of claims to improve ear ringing (tinnitus), vertigo, ear aches, ear infection, and Meniere's disease.

Lipo-Flavonoid & Ear Problems -- Man with ear pain

What is the benefit of magnesium orotate compared to other forms of magnesium?

Find out if magnesium orotate is the best form of magnesium for supplements, including safety concerns.


Will pregnenolone help slow down aging?

Learn more about the steroid hormone pregnenolone, including its effects in the body and on aging.

Elderly couple yoga pose in sunshine

Is there a danger in taking lecithin or phosphatidylcholine? I heard that they may increase the risk of heart attacks.

Lecithin, phosphatidylcholine and choline - Learn more about the potential link between them and cardiovascular disease.

Increased Heart Risk

A few weeks after starting acetyl-L-carnitine, I became so sluggish I could hardly function. Could this be due to the supplement?

Find out if carnitine supplements can cause sluggishness and fatigue.


What is Metafolin (5-methylfolate)? I see it in some supplements instead of folic acid. Is it better than folic acid?

Metafolin and Quatrefolic information - compare to folate and folic acid.


Can I trust How are its tests paid for?

Learn more about's clinical testing policy and procedures, including information on our independent testing and product reviews. Our answer explains.

Can vitamin C from a supplement cause blood in the urine and painful urination?

Find out if vitamin C supplements can cause bloody or painful urination, or if this is due to contamination.

Vitamin C

What is the ingredient zeolite I see in Natural Cellular Defense and other detox supplements? Does it help in any way?

Learn what zeolite is and why it is found in many detox supplements like Waiora's Natural Cellular Defense, Get Healthy Again Zeolite, and Ultra Liquid Zeolite.

Natural Cellular Defense

What Is Marine-D3 and does it live up to anti-aging claims?

Learn more about Marine-D3, a supplement from Marine Essentials, including evidence from clinical studies on aging.

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