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Manufacturers and distributors interested in the potential of having a product certified by CL as Approved Quality and bear the CL Seal may request that the product be tested through the Quality Certification Program. Testing is conducted in the same manner as Product Reviews with test samples not accepted directly from the manufacturer. The Quality Certification Program is designed to help consumers identify additional high-quality products on the market.

There is a testing fee paid by the manufacturer and results are proprietary to the manufacturer. However, if a product "Passes," it may appear in CL's website listing of the respective Product Review with a footnote indicating that it was tested through the Quality Certification Program. Visitors to CL's website can also view a current list of these CL-Certified products.

CL Certified Products

A product that "Passes" is also eligible to carry the CL Seal of Approval upon acceptance by the manufacturer of the CL Seal Use License Agreement (described below).

Due to economies of scale, testing fees are lower for products that fall within a category about to undergo a Product Review. Manufacturers and distributors should contact if they wish to be alerted to upcoming Product Review categories.

Multi-Label Testing Program:

For manufacturers of private label and multi-brand products, CL offers the Multi-Label Testing Program option, available to companies that have products tested in the Quality Certification Program. In this program, products that are identical in formulation to a product Approved for Quality by CL can be listed as "Similar to" the Approved product in Product Reviews and on the CL-Certified products list. Manufacturers must provide proof that the formulations are identical for all products and all sampled products must pass testing for products to be listed as Approved Quality.

Raw Material & Private Label Certification Program:

Suppliers of ingredients to manufacturers may have their materials evaluated by CL using the same testing methods employed in Product Reviews. If the material passes testing, a Certificate of Approved Quality is issued to the supplier, who may use it in its marketing to clients and prospective clients.

Custom Analyses:

Parties wishing to engage's research staff to perform special purpose testing, such as the testing of materials for clinical trials, should contact does not accept samples from consumers for testing and does not test products or provide consulting regarding product litigation.