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Posted January 21, 2014

"Stem Cell" Supplement Recalled Due to Allergen Risk

On January 19, 2014, Stemvida recalled StemAlive 90 Capsules because they were found to contain undeclared milk (labeled as bovine colostrum).

People who have an allergy to milk should not consume this product as it could cause a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.

StemAlive 90 Capsules is packaged in a white plastic bottle with a white and gold label, and was distributed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

It can be identified by the following lot numbers and expiration dates, which are printed at the bottom of the label:

  • Lot# 8419, Exp. 05/2015 and 06/2015
  • Lot# 8486, Exp. 07/2015
  • Lot# 8535, Exp. 08/2015
  • Lot# 8598, Exp. 10/2015
  • Lot# 8652, Exp. 12/2015
  • Lot# 8863, Exp. 01/2016 and 02/2016
  • Lot# 8872, Exp. 03/2016
  • Lot# 8873, Exp. 04/2016 and 05/2016
  • Lot# 9040, Exp. 08/2016 and 09/2016
  • Lot# 9258, Exp. 10/2016
  • Lot# 9314, Exp. 11/2016

StemAlive 90 Capsules are labeled as containing vitamin D3, bovine colostrum, Kino tree, spirulina powder, wild blueberry extract, goji berry extract, grape seed skin and fruit extract, green tea, acai berry, L-carnosine, Siberian ginseng, fucoidan extract, ganoderma lucidum extract, beta Glucans, ashawandha [sic] extract, and egallic acid from pomegranate. It is promoted to help "enhance stem cell function and health." 

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