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Posted June 18, 2016

Muscle Milk Protein Drinks Recalled

On June 17, 2016 HP Hood LLC issued a recall of the following Muscle Milk protein drinks because they have the potential for premature product spoilage:  

Muscle Milk 14 oz

  • Flavor: Banana, UPC (case): 8-76063-00223-3, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00203-5
  • Flavor: Chocolate, UPC (case): 8-76063-00223-3, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00203-5
  • Flavor: Cookies N Crème , UPC (case): 8-76063-00224-0, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00204-2
  • Flavor: Strawberry, UPC (case): 8-76063-00229-5, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00209-7
  • Flavor: Vanilla Crème, UPC (case): 8-76063-00222-6, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00202-8
  • Flavor: Caramel Kick, UPC (case): 8-76063-00214-1, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00219-6
  • Flavor: Chocolate, UPC (case): 8-76063-00271-4, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00261-5
  • Flavor: Vanilla Crème, UPC (case): 8-76063-00272-1, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00262-2

Muscle Milk Pro Series 40 14 oz

  • Flavor: Crushin' Cookies, UPC (case): 8-76063-00293-6, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00283-7
  • Flavor: Intense Vanilla, UPC (case): 8-76063-00291-2, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00281-3
  • Flavor: Knock Out Chocolate, UPC (case): 8-76063-00290-5, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00280-6
  • Flavor: Going Bananas, UPC (case): 8-76063-00294-3, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00284-4

Muscle Milk 100 Calorie 14 oz

  • Flavor: Chocolate, UPC (case): 8-76063-00575-3, UPC (unit): 8-76063-00565-4

The affected products are sold in plastic bottles and may have a packaging defect that may result in product spoilage during transport and handling.  

See's Protein Powders and Drinks for tests of related products.

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For more about this recall, use the link below: