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Posted July 16, 2016

Ikea Expands Recall of Chocolate Bars

On July 6, 2016, IKEA expanded its recall of certain CHOKLAND chocolate bars to include additional chocolate bars, including certain GODIS chocolate bars, because they contain undeclared milk, hazelnuts and/or almonds.

People with an allergy to milk, hazelnuts or almonds should not consume these bars as they could cause an allergic reaction, which can be life-threatening.

Recalled CHOKLAND and GODIS chocolate bars were distributed nationwide at IKEA retail stores and sold individually, and can be identified by the following:

  • CHOKLAD MÖRK, Size: 3.5 oz., UPC Code: 100293927003
  • CHOKLAD MÖRK 70%, Size: 3.5 oz., UPC Code: 1203080940009
  • CHOKLAD LINGON & BLABAR, Size: 6.3 oz., UPC Code: 1602184210009
  • GODIS CHOKLADKROKANT Milk chocolate with butterscotch, Size: 15.9 oz., UPC Code: 1202155040002
  • GODIS CHOKLADRAN Wafer filled and covered with chocolate, Size: 5.9 oz., UPC Code 1202290300009
  • CHOKLAD LJUS Milk Chocolate Bar, Size: 3.5 oz., UPC Code: 1402939250003
  • CHOKLAD NÖT Milk Chocolate with hazelnut, Size: 3.5 oz., UPC Code: 1202939260008

Undeclared milk in dark chocolate has been an issue in the past. In 2015, the FDA tested 100 dark chocolate bars sold in various regions of the U.S. and found that 2 of 17 bars labeled "dairy-free" or "allergen-free" contained milk, and that 6 of 11 bars labeled as containing only "traces of milk" contained enough milk to potentially cause severe reactions in some people. Additionally, 55 of 93 dark chocolate bars with no indication of the presence of milk on the label were found to contain milk.

See's Review of Cocoa Powders, Supplements and Dark Chocolate Bars for tests of related products.

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To read the FDA's Consumer Update about this study, use the link below.