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Posted October 18, 2017

FDA Warns Seller of Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Diabetes Supplements For Making Drug Claims

On August 15, 2017, the FDA issued a warning letter to Years to Your Health, Inc., following an inspection of the company's website which found a number of their products to be misbranded, as they contained drug claims. The misbranded products include: Arthritis, Tumor, Infection, Food Poisoning / Poultice, Ulcer / Wound, Asthma/Hay Fever, Energy Pick-Up, Blood Pressure, Pain Relief, Cold & Flu, Chest & Lungs, Memory & Mental Awareness, Eyes, Diabetes & Pancreas, Sinus & Hay Fever, Drug Withdrawal, Anemia & Iron, Parasites, Hypoglycemia, Tissue & Bone Rejuvination, Colitis, Congestion, Kidney Stones, Seizure Relief, Varicose Veins/Hemorrhoids, Lymphatic System, Gout, Stop Smoking Aid, Flu Guard Brand, Healthy Cholesterol, Herpes/Virus Support, Adrenal/Thyroid, Eczema/Great Skin, Inflammation, Anti-Fungal, Bronchitis Tea Blend, Candid/Yeast Infection Tea, Cataract Tea, Cold Care / Congest Ease Tea, Fat Flush / LDL Flush Tea, Feminini Tea / Female Tea, Fight Back Flu Tea, Gluco Tea, Gout Tea, Headache Tea, Hemmorrhoid Tea, Kidney / Bladder Tea / K/B Tea, Memory & Emotional Uplift Tea, Mother's Friend Tea, Root Beer Tea/Arthritis Tea, Smoking Blend Tea, Sore Throat / STH Tea, and Tumor Tea.

For example, according to the product label, Arthritis "can reduce swelling and inflammation. This formula also removes toxins and bacteria from the body." 

(See's Product Review on Supplements for Joint Health.)

The label on Asthma claims "relief from seasonal allergies and upper respiratory symptoms is provided." 

Diabetes & Pancreas had claims like "the pancreas is assisted in reverting to its natural function." 

(See's CL Answer on Supplements to Help Lower Blood Sugar.)

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To read the full warning, use the link below.