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Posted March 26, 2019

Seller of NeuSilver Colloidal Silver for Adults, Children and Pets Warned by FDA

On February 19, 2019, the FDA issued a warning letter to iMedDo, Inc., following a review of the company's website,, which found statements about its colloidal products including NeuSilver Colloidal Silver by iMedDo (NeuSilver) and NeuKids to be drug claims.

NeuSilver Colloidal Silver by iMedDo (NeuSilver) and NeuKids were promoted with statements such as "Some of the hypothesized benefits of reaching silver homeostasis include silver's ability to kill infection by breaking down bacterial cell walls, starving microbes and cancer of oxygen, killing infection and cancer in the lymph system," and "[I]f you take true colloidal silver for a week and allow it to reach homeostasis then most people report they never get a urinary track [sic] infection again!" 

The products were also promoted for use in pets, with statements such as "... 3 drops of NeuSilver adult strength being a good starting point for puppy cough," and "Many people don"t give silver to their ... pets unless they are sick in which case 1 drop of NeuSilver is typically appropriate for... animals under 100 lbs. ...As a general guideline use 1 drop of NeuKids per 10 lbs of child or pet." 

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