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Posted August 18, 2019

Some Align Probiotics Sold on Amazon Were Fake, Company Warns

Some Align probiotic supplements sold in the recent past on Amazon could be counterfeit, according to articles published last month in USA Today and Wired. The probiotics may have been sold through third-party sellers on Amazon.

It's not known if the fake supplements can be identified through differences in labeling or packaging. However, Amazon emailed customers who purchased the questionable probiotics, stating: "If you still have this product, we recommend that you stop using it immediately and dispose of the item."

According to USA Today, Amazon has stated that the Align Probiotic nutritional supplements currently for sale on its site are safe. Proctor and Gamble, the maker of Align, acknowledged in a statement to Wired: "We are aware that some counterfeit Align product was sold on Amazon via third parties. Amazon has confirmed they have stopped third-party sales of the Align products in question, and Amazon is only selling Align product received directly from P&G manufacturing facilities."

Amazon has established several programs to help prevent the sale of counterfeit products on its site, such as Brand Registry, Transparency and Project Zero, but it's not clear if Proctor and Gamble participates in these programs.

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To read USA Today's article, use the link below.