Posted September 21, 2019

Liquid Vitamin C for Men Recalled

On September 16, 2019, Fitoterapia USA Inc. issued a recall of Macho Artificial Passion Fruit Flavored Vitamin C Liquid Supplement, a supplement promoted for male sexual enhancement, because FDA analysis found it to contain tadalafil.

Tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis, is prescribed for erectile dysfunction. This drug can cause symptoms like headache and flushing, and can interact with medications containing nitrates such as nitroglycerine, resulting in dangerously low blood pressure.

Recalled Macho Artificial Passion Fruit Flavored Vitamin C Liquid Supplement capsules were distributed nationwide to retail stores and via the internet and from It is packaged in 8.5 fluid oz. bottles, and can be identified by the following:
  • LOT: ZD-160-18 EXP: 09-07-2019
  • LOT: ZD-078-19 EXP: 27-04-2020
  • LOT: ZD-159-17 EXP: 31-05-2018
Consumers and retailers that have the recalled product should stop using it and contact the Distributor to arrange returns.

Consumers and healthcare providers can report any adverse reactions to the FDA's MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Program.

(See's Review of Sexual Enhancement Supplements for tests of related products.)

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To see the complete recall, use the link below.