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Posted July 10, 2020

Seller of Thrive "Anti-Viral" Supplement Barred from Making Unproven Coronavirus and Cancer Claims

On July 10, 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) barred marketer Marc Ching from making unsubstantiated claims that the supplement Thrive can treat, prevent, or reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19). Thrive consists mainly of vitamin C and herbal extracts.

According the FTC's complaint, Ching has advertised and sold Thrive online through his website Whole Leaf Organics since December 2018 and began marketing the product as an "anti viral wellness booster" that treats coronavirus in March 2020.

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In addition, through the Whole Leaf Organics website, Ching has falsely claimed that three CBD products, CBD-EX, CBD-RX, and CBD-Max, are effective cancer treatments. Ching must send written notices to customers of Thrive and the three CBD products, explaining they do not treat coronavirus or cancer, respectively.

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