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Posted September 29, 2020

FDA Warns Consumers about Fraudulent Tests, Vaccines, and Treatments for COVID-19

On September 21, 2020, the FDA released a statement warning consumers not to buy or use "questionable products" that claim to help diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent coronavirus (COVID-19). Since the pandemic began, the FDA and FTC have warned numerous companies for selling unproven and illegally-marketed products that make false claims. These products may be dangerous, especially if consumers use them instead of seeking real medical treatments when needed, and there is a possibility that they can cause adverse effects or interfere with essential medications.

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The FDA emphasized that there are no vaccines to prevent COVID-19 or approved at-home test kits for the virus. (See examples of recent warning letters sent to sellers of "at-home" COVID-19 tests kits here and here.)

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The FDA also provided the following tips on how to avoid unapproved and potentially-dangerous COVID-19 products:

  • Beware of products that claim to treat many illnesses
  • Personal stories are not scientific evidence
  • Be careful of products that claim to be a "quick fix," as most diseases take time to treat
  • If it seems "too good to be true," it likely is
  • Any product that claims to be a "miracle cure" is probably a hoax
  • There are no self-tests for COVID-19

For more information, use the link below.

Beware of Fraudulent Coronavirus Tests, Vaccines and Treatments

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