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Posted October 15, 2020

FDA Warns Five Sellers of Dangerous Cesium Salt Supplements

On October 9, the FDA issued warning letters to five companies for selling products containing cesium chloride. The FDA has previously warned consumers not to use dietary supplements containing cesium chloride or any other cesium salt. Consuming cesium salt has significant safety risks, including heart toxicity, cardiac arrhythmias, hypokalemia (low potassium), seizures, fainting, and death. Cesium salts are sometimes promoted as alternative treatments for cancer. However, they have not been shown to be safe or effective as a cancer treatment.

The five companies that were warned are as follows (use the links below to read the full warning letter):
If someone experiences an adverse effect while using a supplement containing cesium salts, they should stop using the product, seek medical care, and report the event to the FDA's Safety Reporting Portal. Consumers can also call an FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator to speak directly to a person about a complaint or adverse event.

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