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Posted January 25, 2021

Washington Resident Arrested for Selling Illegal COVID-19 Vaccine

On January 21, 2021, 55-year-old Washington resident Johnny T. Stine was arrested for selling and administering illegal, home-made COVID-19 vaccines to Americans. Stine, who is the founder of North Coast Biologics, is a self-claimed "biotech expert," who developed an unapproved vaccine in March, 2020, and has been traveling throughout the Western United States to inject customers for $400-$1,000 each.

In the Department of Justice's news release about the arrest, U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran said, "Untested, untried and potentially unsafe — this defendant was injecting people with an unknown substance claiming it was a vaccine for COVID-19. Preying on our fears in the midst of this pandemic is unconscionable." At least one person who received Stine's vaccine is currently in the hospital with COVID-19.

Stine has been charged with introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce, and his case will be heard by a U.S. District Court in Seattle.

The FDA warned Stine and North Coast Biologics in May, 2020 for selling nCoV19 spike protein vaccine. An FDA spokesperson warned, "Unproven injectable vaccines purported to prevent or treat COVID-19, made from unknown substances under unknown conditions, present significant health risks in and of themselves. They also can lead consumers to make lifestyle choices that increase their actual risk of infection with COVID-19, or to delay or stop appropriate medical treatment."

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Purported biotech executive charged with introducing misbranded drug into interstate commerce for distribution of "COVID-19 vaccine"

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