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Hiking 8


If you are in good health, with good kidney function, you really don’t need a special multivitamin. Your needs for water, sodium, and calories will increase, so, while hiking, be sure to sip water every 15 minutes and, of course, increase your food consumption (shouldn’t be hard in France), making sure you’re getting some salt (for sodium). It's not clear if the need for vitamin C increases with exercise, but it wouldn’t hurt to include citrus or other sources of antioxidants in your diet. If your arms and legs are somewhat exposed, you won’t need to supplement with vitamin D, but still use a good sunscreen and a hat to avoid sunburn. Walking sticks will help your knees better than any supplement for inflammation. If you’re feeling drained while hiking on a hot day, you can consider an electrolyte drink that provides some sodium and sugar (see our Top Picks), although water and a snack with salt can be just as good.

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