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Product Review

Water Filter Pitchers Review

See the Best Pitchers For Different Filtering Needs

CL Answer

How important it is to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) in drinking water from my tap?

Removing dissolved solids (TDS) may be desirable if your tap water is known to contain large amounts of dissolved solids that negatively affect taste, but you may also be removing essential minerals. Learn more about our tests of water filter pitchers.

Clinical Update


Brita Lawsuit

A recently filed lawsuit alleges that Brita products do not live up to claims of removing hazardous contaminants from drinking water. Learn more and ConsumerLab’s take on the suit in our Water Filter Pitchers Review, which includes our Top Picks among products.

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Brita Responds to Lawsuit

Brita responded to the recent lawsuit alleging that its products do not remove all hazardous contaminants. Get the details in our Water Filter Pitchers Review, and see our Top Picks among water filter pitchers.

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Is it true that there are bits of plastic in drinking water, specialty salts, or other foods and beverages? How concerned should I be?

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic that can end up foods and beverages. Learn about microplastics found in drinking water and specialty salts.'s answer explains.

Microplastics in water, plastic bottle of water pouring water into glass

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PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances): How can I avoid PFAS in dental floss, food, water, and other products?

Some brands of dental floss, including Oral-B Glide, may contain potentially toxic chemicals known as PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances). Get the details, and learn which floss and pick products are our Top Picks.

Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Dental Floss -- Woman Looking at Dental Floss

News Release


Best Water Filter Pitchers In 2023 According to ConsumerLab Tests

White Plains, New York, May 3, 2023 — ConsumerLab tests of popular counter-top water filter pitchers show there are wide variations in the amounts of fluoride, arsenic, and microplastics these products remove from drinking water – in fact, some filter pitchers were found to increase the amount of ...

Clinical Update


Filtering Out PFAS

We’ve added information about an add-on to Brita filters that claims to remove potentially dangerous PFAS from drinking water. See the PFAS section of our Water Filter Pitchers Review.

Also see our Top Picks among water filter pitchers.

Clinical Update


Five More Water Filter Pitchers Tested

We tested five more water filter pitchers (Aquagear, Berkey, Brita, Kirkland, and LifeStraw) and found surprising results.

While all did an excellent job of removing the heavy metals lead, cadmium, and mercury, pitchers varied dramatically in their ability to remove chlorine, (which affects taste), fluoride, arsenic, total dissolved solids (TDS), and microplastic particles. Be aware that some pitchers actually increase the amount of microplastics in water after filtering!

See our Top Picks for:

The Review also shows which additional contaminants products claim to reduce (such as PFAS, solvents, and microbes), explains why you shouldn't drink the first few pitchers of water when using a new filter, and what to do if your water pitcher is unusually slow.

See the Water Filter Pitchers Review and our video about it.

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Some Water Filter Pitchers May Worsen Water Quality. CL Tests Reveal Big Differences Among Filters

White Plains, New York, October 12, 2020 — Water filter pitchers claim to remove unwanted substances such as chlorine and toxic heavy metals from tap water.

CL Answer

Do water filters remove microplastics from tap water?

Find out if water filter pitchers and faucet mounted filters from Brita, Pur, Lifestraw and other brands remove microplastics from tap water.

Water Filters for Microplastics -- water filter pitcher pouring water into glass