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Can Vitamin E and/or Selenium Help Prevent Cataracts?

A study in older men in the U.S. found that taking large daily doses of vitamin E and/or selenium did not significantly reduce the risk of developing cataracts. But could the dose have been too high to be helpful? Other research has shown that "less is more" when it comes to antioxidant supplementation for cataracts. For more information, see the updates to the Vitamin E Supplements Review and the Selenium Supplements Review >> 

Melatonin and Cataracts

Do you have cataracts (clouded lenses of the eye)? A recent study suggests that having them removed and replaced with a certain type of intraocular lens may increase natural melatonin production. For details, see the ConsumerTips section of the new Melatonin Supplements Review. Also see our Top Picks among melatonin supplements.

Multivitamin Lowers Cataract Risk

A large, long-term study using a low-dose multivitamin found that it reduced the risk of developing cataract (a clouding of the lens of the eye) by 9% compared to placebo. Interestingly, the reduced risk of cataract was negated when a separate vitamin C supplement was also taken. For details about the study and dosage, as well as our tests and comparison of multivitamins, see the updated Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review.   

High-Dose B Vitamins & Cataract Risk

Taking high doses of B vitamins, including B vitamin complexes, folic acid and B6, was associated with a higher risk of age-related cataracts among middle-aged men and women, according to a new study. For details, see the "ConsumerTips" section of the B Vitamin Supplements Review >>

Vitamin C and Prostate Cancer

Does taking vitamin C reduce the chance of developing prostate cancer? Find out what studies are showing, including one reported this month, in the What It Does section of the Vitamin C Supplements Review. (Also learn about vitamin C and cataracts and see our Top Picks for vitamin C.)