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Product Review

Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements Review (for Weight Loss)

Choose the Best Green Coffee Bean Extract. 50% of Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements Don't Deliver Expected Ingredients.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements Reviewed by

Product Review

Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) Supplements Review

Find the Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplement. Choose Carefully! Most Garcinia (HCA) Weight Loss Supplements Lack Listed Amount of Ingredient .

Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) Supplements Reviewed by

Product Review

Dark Chocolates, Cocoa & Cacao Powders, Nibs, and Supplements Review -- Sources of Flavanols

Find the Best Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Supplements. Is Your Chocolate or Cocoa Healthful or Toxic? Find Out Now!

Flavanols in Cocoa, Cacoa, and Chocolate Products Reviewed by

News Release

10/02/2008 finds melatonin supplements range in strength but ingredient quality is high

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK — OCTOBER 2, 2008 — announced test results today from its new Product Review of Melatonin Supplements.  Melatonin supplements may help treat certain sleep disorders and disturbances, including jet lag. It may also be beneficial in conditions ranging from cluster headache to certain cancers. tested products offering 750 to 5,000 micrograms of melatonin per daily serving. All ten of the products that chose for testing passed analyses for melatonin and lead contaamination, as did seven products tested through's Voluntary Certification Program.

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8/01/2006 evaluates cholesterol-lowering supplements — Test results available for over 90 products; Review of nine popular ingredients

WHITE PLAINS, NY — AUGUST 1, 2006 — has released a major new review of dietary supplements used to improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, about 50 percent of American adults have elevated blood cholesterol levels, a key risk factor for heart disease. The new report provides test results for sixteen products made with sterols, policosanol, and/or guggulsterones and links to recent reviews of seventy-five additional products made with fish oil, garlic, niacin, and soy protein. The new report summarizes the evidence for these potential cholesterol-lowering ingredients as well as for red yeast rice and stanols.

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4/26/2006 tests cancer-prevention supplements; several contaminated with lead or low in ingredient
— Report available for green tea, selenium, and lycopene supplements

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK — APRIL 26, 2006 announced results today from its new Product Review of Supplements for Cancer Prevention covering 22 products. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. Intake of certain foods and nutrients has been associated with reduced risk of cancer. Many of these are anti-oxidants, scavenging free radicals that can damage cells in the body. Supplements containing three popular ingredients — green tea, lycopene or selenium — were purchased and tested. Additional ingredients associated with cancer prevention such as folate, garlic, isoflavones, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E are reviewed in earlier reports from

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Some Popular Weight Loss Supplements Contain as Little as 16% of Listed Ingredient, According to

White Plains, N.Y., November 19, 2013 — Which is the best Garcinia cambogia supplement? Many people have asked this question of since last October when The Dr. Oz Show aired a segment about using this herbal supplement for weight loss but cautioned that Dr. Oz does not endorse any specific product. To answer consumers' questions, selected and purchased 11 Garcinia extract supplements on the market and tested each for its amount of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a plant compound believed to be important to Garcinia's biological effects. found that six of the supplements contained only 16% to 81% of the listed amount of HCA. Two products having the lowest percentages (16% and 22%, respectively) of their listed HCA appeared to be promoting false endorsement by Dr. Oz.

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40% of Green Tea and Selenium Products Fail Review of Cancer-Prevention Supplements; Lycopene Supplements Pass

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK — APRIL 28, 2009 — announced results today of its Product Review of Supplements for Cancer Prevention.  Among the products that selected for testing, quality problems were found with two out of five green tea supplements. The same was true of the selenium supplements reviewed. All lycopene supplements passed the review.

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50% of Green Coffee Bean Supplements Don't Contain Expected Amounts of Ingredient for Weight Loss, According to

White Plains, New York, November 6, 2012 — Clinical studies suggest green coffee bean extract (GCBE) supplements can aid weight loss, but recent tests by indicate that many popular brands dont contain the amounts of extract listed on their labels. Among eight GCBE supplements selected for testing, half failed to pass ConsumerLab.coms review. One supplement did not contain any detectable GCBE, while three others contained no more than 14%, 64%, and 82% of the expected amounts. The amounts of extract were determined by chemically analyzing the products for their levels of chlorogenic acids — compounds found in GCBE and associated with its weight loss effect. The findings were confirmed in a second independent laboratory.

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We Found the Best Dark Chocolates and Cocoas With the Least Contamination

White Plains, New York, January 23, 2020 — Dark chocolate and cocoa contain antioxidant flavanols that may be good for the heart and mind, but they can also contain high levels of the heavy metal cadmium, which is toxic to kidneys and can soften bones. Labels don't disclose levels of flavanols or cadmium, so ConsumerLab purchased and tested popular cocoa powders, bars, chips, nibs, and supplements.

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New Tests Reveal Whether Dark Chocolates and Cocoas Are Toxic or Healthful

White Plains, New York, July 19, 2017 — Dark chocolates and cocoa may contain dangerously high levels of the heavy metal cadmium, a kidney toxin, according to recent tests conducted by, an independent evaluator of health and nutrition products. Often consumed for their beneficial cocoa flavanols, which ConsumerLab also measured, chocolate and cocoa products ranged from virtually zero flavanols to levels that may provide cardiovascular and cognitive benefits. The challenge is knowing which products provide potential benefits from flavanols with minimal risk from heavy metal contamination. Labels don't provide this information, but CL's findings do.