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Stimulant Supplements

Have you ever wondered what taking a stimulant supplement for weight management or energy might do to your body? Researchers recently gave Zantrex-3, Xenedrine EFX, Metabolift, or a brand of Guarana to young men while monitoring their heart rates and other vital signs, and recording side effects. The results raise concerns. Get the details, plus test results for 14 other supplements, in the updated Weight Supplements Review >>

Lower Risk of Heart Disease with Fermented Dairy Foods

A study has shown a lower risk of heart disease to be associated with consumption of fermented, rather than non-fermented, dairy foods. However, only a certain type of fermented dairy was associated with the benefit. For details, see the Fermented Dairy section of the Probiotics Review. (Also see our Top Picks among probiotic products.)

Calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attack

A recent study found a much higher risk of heart attack among people who used calcium supplements than among those who did not. Increased calcium from food was not associated with increased risk. Some other recent studies have raised similar concerns about calcium supplementation. What does this mean for you? See our update to the Calcium Supplements Review for more information. More >>

Omega-3s Linked to Less Heart Disease and Longer Life

A study among older individuals who did not use fish oil supplements showed that those with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood were far less likely to have a heart attack or arrhythmia and were 27% less likely to die during the 14-year study. The reserchers calculated how much EPA and DHA a person should consume to reach this higher blood level and noted that further increases yeild little additional benefit. Get the details, as well as how to get omega-3s from foods, in the updated Fish Oil Supplements Review »

Fish Oil Heart Claim

You'll start seeing a new heart health claim on fish oil supplements as well as foods that provide the omega-3's EPA and DHA. While legal, the claim is a bit fishy. Get the details in the Fish Oil Supplements Review as well as the Canned Tuna and Salmon Review. Also see our Top Picks for fish oil supplements and canned fish.

How To Get Vitamin K From Food

Many of the benefits of vitamin K - such as proper blood clotting and calcium utilization for bone and heart health - are associated with getting adequate vitamin K from foods. The good news? Brand new research has found much higher amounts of vitamin K2 (the form associated with cardiovascular benefits) in dairy foods than previously known. However, the amounts vary tremendously depending on whether these foods are full-fat, or reduced-fat or fat-free. Get the details in the "Vitamin K from food" section of the Vitamin K Supplements Review. If you're interested in a vitamin K supplement, see our Top Picks among brands.

Does Taking Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease?

Earlier research has suggested an association between higher vitamin D levels in the blood and reduced risk of heart attack. But blood levels are affected by both sun exposure as well as intake of vitamin D. A new study shows that men with higher vitamin D intakes from foods and supplements have a 14% reduction in their risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. However, the study found no reduction among women. The amount of vitamin D intake shown to be beneficial and possible reasons why a benefit was not found in women are provided in the updated "What It Does" section of our Product Review of Vitamin D SupplementsMore >>

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