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Lead Found In Psyllium Fiber Supplements
White Plains, NY, February 29, 2024 —  Psyllium is an effective laxative that may also have heart health benefits, but ConsumerLab’s recent tests found lead contamination in every psyllium fiber supplement it purchased and tested. In fact, one product contained more than 60 times the California Prop 65 warning level for lead.

Lead in Psyllium Fiber – Key Findings:

  • All psyllium fiber supplements contained some lead: ConsumerLab found lead in all eight psyllium products it tested, but those with the least contained only 1 mcg of lead or less per 4-gram serving of fiber. The state of California’s Prop 65 law requires any product containing more than 0.5 mcg of lead per daily serving to bear a warning on the label, and there have been many cases in which psyllium products have exceeded the limit without displaying the proper warning.
  • Almost half contained excessive amounts: Four of nine products tested by ConsumerLab contained excessive amounts of lead — ranging from 2.4 mcg to as much as 38.7 mcg of lead if taken at maximum suggested daily servings.
  • Dose matters: ConsumerLab’s tests showed that some products exceed lead limits only if taken at their maximum suggested daily serving, although it’s advisable to minimize any exposure to lead.
One product stood out for containing far less lead than the others, as well as providing a good dose of psyllium husk (confirmed by the amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber found). ConsumerLab selected this product as its Top Pick psyllium fiber supplement. ConsumerLab also selected a Top Pick psyllium fiber pill, and a Top Pick methylcellulose fiber supplement. Unlike with psyllium, lead contamination is not a concern with methylcellulose, as it is a synthetic fiber.

Access the Full Report:

Discover detailed test results and comparisons for nine psyllium products and one methylcellulose product. Visit ConsumerLab’s Psyllium Fiber Supplements Review online.

The report includes test results and comparisons for nine psyllium products, including powders and capsules, and one methylcellulose product. Nine products were selected for testing by ConsumerLab: Citrucel, Equate [Walmart] Daily Fiber – Orange Smooth, Konsyl Daily Psyllium Fiber, Meta Mucil 3-in-1 Fiber, NOW Psyllium Husk Caps, Organic India Psyllium, Swanson Psyllium Husks, Viva Naturals Organic Psyllium Husk Powder, and Yerba Prima Psyllium Husks Powder. One additional product passed the same testing and was Approved through CL's voluntary Quality Certification Program: Yerba Prima Psyllium Whole Husks – Colon Cleanser.

As discussed in the review, psyllium fiber is made from psyllium seed husk. It forms a gel in the gut, which not only acts as an effective laxative, but can also create a feeling of fullness to reduce appetite, and modestly help to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. On the other hand, the synthetic fiber methylcellulose, found in products such as in Citrucel, provides a laxative effect but lacks the other benefits of psyllium. The review explains the best way to take psyllium fiber supplements, including why drinking water with fiber supplements is so important, and how long to wait to drink after mixing fiber powder into a beverage. It also discusses dosage when using fiber supplements, for laxation, heart health, and satiety, as well as potential side effects and drug interactions with fiber supplements. A video with expert tips for choosing the best psyllium fiber supplement is also available.

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Lead Found in Psyllium Fiber Supplements - Dr. Tod Cooperman

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