WHITE PLAINS, NY — March 18, 2004 — ConsumerLab.com announced today that five echinacea supplements failed to pass recent independent testing. Lower than claimed amounts of key compounds such as echinacoside and phenols were the most common problem. One product also contained a higher than acceptable amount of lead. Six other products passed the testing. When used properly, echinacea has been shown to reduce the duration of colds in adults. Echinacea was the top-selling single herb in 2002, with sales of $188 million according to Nutrition Business Journal.

"If you are not getting the expected effect with echinacea, it may be the brand," said Tod Cooperman, M.D., President of ConsumerLab.com. "Products may fall short for many reasons: The wrong plant species or plant part may be used; levels of important plant chemicals may be low if the herb is not properly grown, harvested, processed, shipped and stored; and lead levels may be high due to contaminated soil."

The Echinacea Product Review is available at www.consumerlab.com/results/echinacea.asp. The Review lists results for 11 products of which ConsumerLab.com selected 6 and 5 others were tested at the request of their manufacturers through ConsumerLab.com's Voluntary Certification Program. The Review also provides information on how to best choose and use these supplements. Subscription is required for the full report.

Reviews of many other popular supplements are available from ConsumerLab.com online. New Reviews soon to be released include, multivitamins/multiminerals, St. John's wort, valerian, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids from fish and marine oils. The recently published paperback, ConsumerLab.com's Guide to Buying Vitamins and Supplements: What's Really in the Bottle? is available in bookstores, online from www.consumerlab.com or through 800-431-1579.

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