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Product Review

Whole, Ground, Milled, and Cracker Flaxseed Review

High Levels of Cadmium Found in Flaxseed Products — Testing Expanded

Product Review

Shelled Walnuts (Halves & Pieces)

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Walnuts Review 2023

Product Review

Choline and Lecithin Supplements Review (Including Phosphatidylcholine, CDP-Choline, and Alpha-GPC)

Clinical Update


Lame Excuse from

A CL member who asked about its testing of heavy metals in its nuts and other products was told "... we cannot share the results with our customers in compliance with FDA standards." Really? Learn what the FDA said about this when we asked in the Update to our Flaxseed Review.

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CL Answer

How can I find supplements that are gluten-free on

Gluten-Free supplements & vitamin information including other dietary features like vegetarian, vegan, and kosher on Our answer explains.

Finding Gluten-Free Supplements -- gluten-free seal

News Release

December 07, 2023

Best Shelled Walnuts According to ConsumerLab Tests

White Plains, New York, December 7, 2023 —  Fresh walnuts are rich in healthful, unsaturated fats, protein, fiber, and certain vitamins and minerals, but how fresh and pure are packaged, shelled walnuts? And does higher cost guarantee better quality or taste? To find out, ConsumerLab recently ...