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Product Review

Protein Powders, Shakes, and Meal Replacements Review

Find Out Which Protein Products Passed or Failed Our Tests

Product Review

Olive Leaf Extract Supplements Review

Learn What Olive Leaf Does and the Best Brands

Product Review

Lion's Mane and Chaga Supplements Review

Read Labels Carefully -- Many Can Mislead

Lion's Mane and Chaga Supplements tested by

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Electrolytes & Sports Drinks Review

See Which Sports Drinks, Powders, and Pills Deliver the Right Electrolytes

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Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils Review

Oils Tested for Authenticity and Purity

News Release

June 30, 2022

Best Protein Shakes & Drinks According to ConsumerLab Tests. Lead, Excess Sodium Found in Some

White Plains, New York, June 30, 2022 — Consumers may get more sodium, fat, calories, or even lead, than they bargained for from some protein supplements, according to recent ConsumerLab tests of over 20 popular protein powders and shakes.

News Release

January 03, 2019

ConsumerLab Tests Reveal the Best Protein Powders, Shakes and Drinks -- 20% of Protein Powders and Drinks Fail CL's Tests of Quality

White Plains, New York, January 3, 2019 — Combined with resistance exercise, protein supplements can help athletes build muscle and older people prevent muscle loss. They can also help people with diabetes maintain blood sugar levels when consumed as part of a low-calorie diet.

News Release

June 15, 2016

28% of Protein Powders and Drinks Fail's Tests of Quality

White Plains, New York, June 15, 2016 — Protein powders and drinks can help build and maintain muscle when combined with exercise and can also help with blood sugar control. However, recent ConsumerLab.