Learn Your Daily Nutritional Requirement for Each Vitamin and Nutrient

The table below provides the daily intakes of vitamins and minerals by age, gender, and life stage based on the latest Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) and Adequate Intakes (AIs), as well as Upper Tolerable Intake Levels (ULs) developed by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


  • * - Adequate Intake (AI)
  • mg - milligram (1,000 milligrams = 1 gram)
  • mcg - microgram (1,000 micrograms = 1 milligram)
  • NE - DV not established
  • ND - UL not determined
  • m - male; f - female
  • lact - lactating (breast feeding); preg - pregnant
  • Age ranges are in years

ConsumerLab's Dr. Tod Cooperman explains why labels on many vitamin and mineral supplements are outdated and wrong and why you should use the information on this page to find your daily nutritional requirements.

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