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Posted February 11, 2012

Herbal Sprays for Colds and Cold Sores Recalled

On February 10, 2012 the U.S. FDA posted a notice announcing the recall of all "Koff & Kold" and "Kold Sore" sprays by Wholistic Herbs Inc. The products were distributed throughout the United States. The recall was the result of a routine FDA inspection which identified several labeling issues and raised safety concerns.  

Koff & Kold" spray with herbal extract is intended to be sprayed into the nose and throat for treatment of colds, flu, cough, stuffy nose, and sinus infection. "Kold Sore" spray with liquid sea mineral is intended to be sprayed into the eyes for the treatment of dry eye and pink eye. The product is also intended to be sprayed into the nose for sinus allergy by pollen, and onto the lips and genitals for the treatment of fever blisters, shingles and herpes simplex.  

The FDA noted that these products are not tested properly to assure their safety. Products intended for use in the eye that are non-sterile have the potential to cause eye infections, which may be sight threatening. Also, nasal solutions that are not sterile could lead to a respiratory infection.

Consumers who have purchased "Koff & Kold" and "Kold Sore" are urged to discontinue use of the product and return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.  

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