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Posted January 24, 2013

"Thermo Stimulating" Supplement Recalled -- Contained DMAA

On January 23, 2013, Health Canada advised consumers not to use certain batches of Muscletech Hydroxystim capsules which were found to contain DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine) and have been recalled by their distributor. DMAA can increase blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular events, and has been linked to at least two deaths. It is not allowed to be sold as a dietary supplement ingredient in Canada or the U.S. (See FDA Says DMAA Can't Be Sold as a Supplement).

The batches of Hydroxystim found to contain DMAA are limited to those recalled by the Australian distribution company Export Corporation Pty Ltd., and can be identified by a registration number of AUST L 187422 and an expiration date of November 9, 2013 on the label.

U.S. and Canadian consumers who purchase Hydroxystim online or through retail sales should check the identifying information on the label to be sure the product does not originate from the affected batches.

Hydroxystim is promoted as a "thermo-stimulant" for an energy and metabolism boost during exercise. According to the Muscletech website, Hydroxystim has been reformulated, and neither DMAA nor geranium oil (sometimes used as another name for DMAA) is listed on the new label.

See's Review of Nutrition Bars for tests of other Muscletech products and the Review of Weight Loss Supplements for tests of related products.

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