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Posted October 27, 2015

Serious Cardiovascular Risks Associated with Strontium, Health Canada Warns

Strontium supplements should not be taken by people with a history of, or risk factors for heart disease, circulatory problems, or blood clots, according to a safety review conducted by Health Canada (the Canadian equivalent of the FDA). The recommendation is based on findings of increased risk of cardiovascular events seen in people with known risk factors or history of cardiovascular disease who took a prescription form of strontium (strontium ranelate) at a dose of 680 mg per day.

There are no reports of cardiovascular risk at lower doses of strontium ranelate, or at any dose for forms of strontium including strontium citrate, strontium gluconate or strontium lactate, which are typically sold in supplements. However, as a precaution, the agency requested that labels on strontium supplements sold in Canada which contain the citrate, gluconate or lactate forms indicate they should not be taken by people with risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The agency also advised that consumers consult their healthcare provider if taking these supplements for more than six months. 

Strontium supplements  sold in the U.S. and Canada contain the citrate, gluconate and lactate forms of strontium and are promoted for bone health -- although there is currently no evidence these forms reduce the risk of fractures or osteoporosis. There is some evidence that strontium ranelate (available as a prescription in Europe) may increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis; however this form is not available in the U.S. 

See the Calcium Supplements Review for more information about strontium.

Also see the CL Answer about supplements for osteoporosis for more information).

To read Health Canada's complete warning, including a list of supplements sold in Canada which are affected, use the link below.