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Posted May 14, 2016

Xylitol in Supplements Poses Danger for Dogs

On May 12, 2016, the FDA warned consumers that xylitol, a popular sweetener found in chewable vitamins, chewing gum, breath mints, toothpaste and a variety of other products, is toxic to dogs.

Although safe for people, xylitol can cause a potent release of insulin in dogs, which, in turn, may result in a rapid decrease in blood sugar (hypoglycemia). This effect can occur within 10 to 60 minutes after a dog consumes a product containing xylitol. Symptoms include decreased activity, weakness, staggering, incoordination, collapse and seizures.

The FDA recommends taking your dog to the vet or emergency animal hospital immediately if you think he or she has eaten xylitol.  

"If you're concerned about your dog eating a food or product with xylitol in it, check the label of ingredients. If it does, indeed, say that it contains xylitol, make sure your pet can't get to it," Martine Hartogensis, a veterinarian at FDA advised.   

In supplements, xylitol may be added to as a binder or sweetener. It can be found in certain multivitamins, protein powders and drinks, nutrition bars, and probiotics. (You can check the full ingredients list for products tested by by using the links above and clicking on "Ingredients" under the product name in the Results table of the respective reviews).  

See the Review Article about Inactive Ingredients for more information.

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To read the FDA's warning, use the link below.