Posted August 9, 2016

Liquid Multis, Vitamin D & More Recalled Due to Potential Bacterial Contamination

On August 8, 2016, PharmaTech, LLC issued a recall of twenty liquid vitamin supplements, sold under various brand names, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia.

Burkholderia cepacia is not thought to pose a health risk to healthy individuals. However, individuals with compromised immune systems or chronic lung conditions may be more susceptible to infection with Burkholderia cepacia, which can infect the upper airway. The bacterium is also resistant to a number of antibiotics and may be difficult to treat once an infection occurs. Burkholderia cepacia infections may be serious or even life-threatening in the at risk patient population.

Some of the recalled supplements, including a number of liquid vitamin drops for infants, toddlers and children, appear to be sold by online retailers, including Supplements affected by the recall are listed below by brand (use the link below for specific lot numbers and expiration dates):


  • Calcionate Syrup, Calcium Glubionate Syrup (473mL)
  • Cerovite Liquid (236mL)
  • D3 Vitamin Liquid (50mL)
  • Ferrous Sulfate Liquid (473mL)
  • Fer-iron Liquid (50mL)
  • Polyvitamin liquid with Iron (50mL)
  • Polyvitamin liquid (50mL)
  • Tri-Vitamin liquid (50mL)
  • Liquid Vitamin C (118 mL)


  • CertaVite with Antioxidants (236mL)
  • Poly-Vita Drops (50mL)
  • Poly-Vita Drops with Iron
  • D-Vita Drops (50mL)
  • Ferrous Drops (50mL)
  • Tri-Vita Drops (50mL)


  • Pedia Tri-Vite Drops (50mL)
  • Pedia Tri-Vite Drops with Iron (50mL)
  • Pedia Poly-Vite Drops (50mL)
  • Pedia D-Vite Drops (50mL)


  • Renew HC, Hydrolyzed Clinoptilolite (30mL)
  • CytoDetox, Hydrolyzed Clinoptiloolite Fragments (30mL)

For more about this recall, use the link below.