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Posted November 29, 2016

Bentonite Clay Promoted for "Detoxification" Contaminated With Lead

On June 17, 2016, the FDA issued a warning letter to Best Bentonite, following a facility inspection and laboratory analysis of product sample which found the company's Best Bentonite to be contaminated with lead. Bentonite is a type of clay which is commonly promoted for both topical and oral use for "detoxification," and treating a variety of conditions. Best Bentonite was found to contain 37.5 mcg/g of lead.

Exposure to lead, even at low levels, is associated with neurological impairment, and in children, learning disabilities and lower IQ scores. Lead can accumulate in the body over time. Symptoms of lead toxicity include abdominal pain, headache, changes in blood pressure, dizziness, kidney and brain damage.

In addition, statements and testimonials made about Best Bentonite on the product website, such as "The benefits I've experienced are primarily increased energy and clear skin . . . When I'm taking the clay internally my skin clears up pretty quickly . . . I find it psychologically gratifying knowing that I am pulling toxins out of my gut and liver," and "[B]entonite clay is one of the most important medicines that is in our arsenal for disease control. Viral, bacterial, and poison, as in the case of that recluse spider that bit me" were found to be drug claims.

The FDA also stated that it considers Best Bentonite to be a "new drug" which "may not be introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce unless an FDA-approved application is in effect for it."

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