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Posted August 1, 2017

FDA Warns Seller of Acai, Garcinia & More for Drug Claims

On July 25, 2017, the FDA issued a warning letter to Absonutrix, following a review of the company's website,, which found statements made about some of its products to be drug claims. The following products were included in the warning letter: Absonutrix Forskolin Pure X-treme Capsules, Absonutrix Fucoidan Max Strength, Absonutrix Parasite Detox X-Treme, Absonutrix Lavender Oil X-Treme, Absonutrix Picamilon X-treme, Absonutrix Alpha GPC, Absonutrix Oil of Oregano X-Treme Purifier, Absonutrix Cissus X-Treme 1600 mg, Absonutrix Deep Comfort X-Treme, Absonutrix Deer Antler Maximum Strength, Absonutrix African Mango Max Strength, Absonutrix Cissus X-Treme, Absonutrix Phytoceramides, Absonutrix African Mango Pure, Absonutrix Acai Pure, Absonutrix Acai Burn X. Treme, Fucoxanthin Patch, and Forskolin Patch.

For example, Absonutrix Acai Burn X-Treme was promoted with statements such as "...reduce cholesterol levels in the blood..."  

(See's  Review of Acai Supplements and Beverages for tests of related products.)

Absonutrix Garcinia Cambogia was promoted with statements such as "a lower level of triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL)..."  

(See's Review of Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) Supplements for tests of related products.

Absonutrix Phytoceramides were promoted with statements such as "Phytoceramide supplements produced short-term results similar to Botox injections..."

(See's CL Answer What are phytoceramides? Do phytoceramide supplements really work to improve aging skin? for more information about this ingredient.)

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To read the FDA's warning letter, use the link below.