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Posted May 9, 2020

Federal Court Orders Seller to Stop Promoting Silver Product as Coronavirus Cure

On April 29, 2020, a federal court in Utah announced that it has obtained a temporary restraining order preventing Gordon Pedersen and his companies, My Doctor Suggests LLC and GP Silver LLC, from promoting fake treatments for coronavirus (COVID-19). The defendants were advertising silver products with false claims that they could treat coronavirus.

For example, products were promoted with statements such as "It has been proven that Alkaline Structured Silver will destroy all forms of viruses, it will protect people from the Coronavirus," and claims that silver nanoparticles can "prevent the disease totally and completely."

The Department of Justice stated that it "will take swift action to protect consumers from those who would recklessly exploit this public health crisis by offering phony cure-alls for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19" and that "COVID-19 is a dangerous disease, and American consumers must have accurate and reliable information as they make important health decisions."

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