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Posted July 21, 2020

51 CBD Products Recalled Due to Lead Contamination

On June 23, 2020, InHe Manufacturing, LLC and MHR Brands issued a recall of fifty-one CBD products due to contamination and/or potential with lead. Thirty-six of the products are marketed for people and fifteen of the products are marketed for pets. The recall was initiated after InHe was notified by the Florida Department of Health of the presence of elevated levels of lead in some of its products.

Symptoms of acute lead poisoning can include pain, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, metallic taste in the mouth and lack of appetite, headache and dizziness, kidney damage, shock and other symptoms. Exposure to lead, even at low levels, is associated with neurological impairment, and in children, learning disabilities and lower IQ scores. Lead can accumulate in the body over time.

Recalled InHe Manufacturing, LLC and MHR Brands products were sold online and can be identified by the following:

Human Consumption (MHR Brands):
  • Tasty Drops — Berry Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003175
  • Tasty Drops — Berry Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot #s FG003137 FG003174, FG003197, FG0057
  • Tasty Drops — Berry Tincture, 1oz/1500mg. Lot #s FG003141, FG003202, FG003296
  • Tasty Drops — Tasty Drops — Natural Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot #s FG003138, FG003248
  • Tasty Drops — Natural Tincture, 1oz/1500mg. Lot #s FG003142, FG003247
  • Tasty Drops — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003167
  • Tasty Drops — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot #s FG003139, FG003166, FG003191, FG003225, FG003253, FG003263
  • Tasty Drops — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003095
  • Tasty Drops — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/1500mg. Lot #s FG003143, FG003180, FG003201, FG003224, FG003262
  • Tasty Drops — Vanilla Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003126
  • Tasty Drops — Vanilla Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot #s FG003140, FG003182, FG003246
  • Made by Hemp — French Vanilla Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003107
  • Tasty Drops — Vanilla Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot #s FG003140, FG003182, FG003246
  • Made by Hemp — Mojito Lime Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003110
  • Made by Hemp — Strawberry Crème Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003109

Pet Consumption (MHR Brands)
  • Tasty Drops — Cat Tincture 1oz/200mg. Lot #s FG003156, FG003325
  • Tasty Drops — Dog Tincture 1oz/200mg. Lot #s FG003157, FG003286, FG003324
  • Purfurred — Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003188
  • Made by Hemp — Cat Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003178
  • Made by Hemp — Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003179

Human Consumption (White Label)
  • A Clean Choice — French Vanilla Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003106
  • A Clean Choice — Strawberry Creme Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003108
  • A Clean Choice — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot # FG003113
  • BC Hemp Co LLC — Berry Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot # FG003312
  • BC Hemp Co LLC — Natural Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot #s FG003171, FG003183, FG003316
  • BC Hemp Co LLC — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot # FG003315
  • BC Hemp Co LLC — Berry Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003164
  • BC Hemp Co LLC — Natural Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003318
  • Goodness Gurus — Berry Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot # FG003236
  • Goodness Gurus — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot # FG003234
  • Goodness Gurus — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003238
  • Goodness Gurus — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/1500mg. Lot # FG003237
  • Herbzeedy LLC — Natural Tincture, 1oz/500mg. Lot #s FG003122, FG003123
  • Herbzeedy LLC — Natural Tincture, 1oz/1500mg. Lot # FG003121
  • Javan Anti Aging — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003283
  • Pathway to Wellness — Natural Tincture, 1000mg/30ml. Lot # FG003151
  • The Spiffy Piff — Berry Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003277
  • The Spiffy Piff — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003276
  • Recovery ReLeaf — Vanilla Tincture, 1oz/1000mg. Lot # FG003133
  • Acadia Farms — Canadian Maple Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003181
  • Acadia Farms — Spearmint Tincture, 1oz/300mg. Lot # FG003177

Pet Consumption (White Label)
  • Herbal Renewals — Cat Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003213
  • Herbal Renewals — Pet Blend, 1oz/200mg. Lot #s FG003223, FG003310
  • Barkley Bistro — Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003145
  • A Clean Choice — Cat Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003117
  • A Clean Choice — Cat Tincture, 500mg/1oz. Lot # FG003118
  • A Clean Choice — Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003116
  • A Clean Choice — Dog Tincture, 500mg/1oz. Lot # FG003115
  • BC Hemp Co LLC — Pet Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003165
  • Boost IV Hydration, LLC — Dog Tincture, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003270
  • Acadia Farms — Pet Blend, 1oz/200mg. Lot # FG003176

Consumers who have recalled products should return them to the company or place of purchase for a free replacement or contact MHR Brands at (844) 300-5673 Monday-Friday 9a.m. to 5p.m. EST, or by email at 

Consumers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have experienced any problems that may be related to taking this product, and can report any adverse reactions to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program.

See ConsumerLab's CBD Oil and Hemp Extract Review for tests of related products (including tests for contamination with lead, cadmium and arsenic).

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