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Posted July 31, 2020

FTC Sues Golden Sunrise for Marketing Deceptive $23,000 Coronavirus Cure

On July 31, 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, Inc., a California-based company, with deceptively advertising a $23,000 treatment plan as a scientifically proven way to treat COVID-19.

According to the federal complaint against Golden Sunrise, the company began marketing its Emergency D-Virus Plan of Care on billboards, social media, and its website in March of 2020. Golden Sunrise falsely claims that the company's supplements, ImunStem, Aktiffvate, and AnterFeerons are "uniquely qualified to treat and modify the course of the Coronavirus epidemic" and that these products lead to the "disappearance of viral symptoms within two to four days." 

The FTC warned Golden Sunrise in April 2020 to stop making claims that its products can prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19, but the company continues to market the COVID-19 treatment plan. In addition, Golden Sunrise falsely claims that its products and treatment plans are FDA-approved when they are not.

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